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First Bank Looses the Position of Largest Bank in Nigeria to Zenith Bank

First Bank and Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank Nigeria PLC recently went ahead of First Bank PLC as the largest bank in Nigeria.

The data draws on the two bank’s financial studies which highlighted that Zenith Bank’s total asset base is currently NGN4.9 trillion in comparison to FBN Holdings’ NGN4.8 trillion total asset base.

As viewed on this table, Zenith Bank overtook the position with a small difference and either of FBN Holdings or Zenith may take the lead at as soon as they both reveal their financial records for the 3rd quarter of the year.

Taking a look at these info from another viewpoint, Ecobank, registered as Eco Transnational Incorporated, ETI, certainly is the largest finance organisation in West Africa but not in Nigeria. The reason is , its asset base aggregates all of the asset placement of its pan-African range as well as other subsidiaries.

The table additionally showed a listing of their financial obligations to further have a deeper view of information.

Observe that some bank’s asset were deduced from their previous financial reports. This list will be kept up to date from time to time when all results are released.

Bank assets table

Source: Brandspurng

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