(Fiction) Twisted Fate: Story of A Fresher

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Twisted Fate fiction

“Tufiakwa! I can’t go to such a place where all sorts of evil are committed. You can go, I will rather stay here and study for my Quiz on Monday” ..I said to my roommate, Cyndy, as I quickly left her bed and climbed up to my bunk.

I was a fresher in the University studying Medicine. I was the typical medical student especially with my big nerdy glasses mum bought for me. I was the pride of my mother. She paraded me anytime I came home for any holiday. She would not hesitate to mention me in her conversation. She will be like
“Eyah Mama Chinwendu thank God for today’s market o. Ehe Shebi you know my daughter the first one is now in the University studying medicine so start calling me Mama Dokinta oo”
I promised her I would be a good girl and make her so proud. I meant it though and that was why I couldn’t attend night parties in school. For crying out loud I had Metabolism and pharmacology to ‘Jack’.

“Babe Nawa o. The quiz no go hold Na. See just come with me and by 10:50pm I promise we will be back. Please Na I can’t go alone”.. Cyndy persisted

I hated persuasion especially from her because she would not let me be. I didn’t want to go, I really didn’t but.. I went. My crush was there, the smartest boy in my class and I wondered how he would also be partying (i had the assumption that smart people only buried themselves in their book). I looked and felt awkward in what I wore so I didn’t want him to see me. It was futile because he spotted me and came over to where I was. I was shy at first but he cracked me up and so we got talking. He offered to get me a drink and I told him I just wanted soft drink, fayrouz. He laughed and said the only ‘soft drink’ available was ‘Radler’. He took about ten minutes and returned with the drink and opted we go outside to talk as the music was high up. 

The last thing I remembered was laughing and gisting with him but how I ended up in my bed the next morning is still a mystery. Everything seemed fine but something was awkward.

To be continued….

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