FG Sets up Cabinet to Research the Death of 26 Teenage Girls who died on the sea

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The government has create a cabinet committee to research the circumstances of the death of 26 teenage Nigerian migrant girls found dead in the Mediterranean in early November.

Back ground: 26 girls had died en-route Europe in the Mediterranean, sparking diverse reactions from all around the globe.

Back to the problem: A Presidency source on Friday debunked the allegations that the federal government had not reacted to the death of the girls thought to have drowned at sea, saying the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had kept tracking the incident and regularly briefed them (Presidency).

The official said the government committee is likely to also examine the reports of incidents of the sale of Nigerian citizens through slavery and are accountable to the Federal Executive Council within the week.

The committee has as members the Ministers of Women Affairs, Youth, Foreign Affairs; the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs and the Diaspora.

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