Fact Revealed – The secret to getting more with less

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Imagine this.

You’re walking down a busy street when out of nowhere, this Bugatti pulls up…

getting what you want, Money, time

You try to see who is getting out – but you’re blinded by all the white flashes from the paparazzi who have just arrived on the scene.

You fight your way through the crowd to get a better look, when suddenly you’re face to face with the celebrity…

It’s a young man with a white top hat.

He smiles at you, exposing his gold and silver teeth. Then he reaches into his pocket, pulls out a set of keys, and puts them in your hand.

“Today’s your lucky day. This is yours now ma friend.”

With that, he disappears into the front entrance of the hotel along with the swarming crowd…

Leaving you all alone with the keys to his Bugatti – in absolute shock and amazement.

Now, you may find this far fetched and basically impossible.

And you’re right. Having a million dollars fall into your lap like this probably is pretty far fetched…

But there are many people that wish for things just like this to happen to them…

I Wish I Was A Millionaire

“Oh I just wish I could make a million dollars. That’s all I’d ever need.”

…MOST people in North America will make 1M dollars.

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That’s right. Even those that most would consider “poor” in North America, will actually make 1M dollars.

“What! , what do you mean?”

Okay, let me explain. But first, write the following down on paper…

“It’s not about how much you make.
It’s about how fast you make it.”

You see, most people never get this…

They’re SO focused on how they can generate more — they never stop to think of ways they can generate faster.

Because everyone will eventually make 1M dollars. It just takes most 40-50 years to make it.

And when you look at things that way, it’s actually not a very ambitious goal at all…right?

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you’re one of my mentees. And you’re a High-Income Copywriter™.

And let’s just say that you’re starting out. And for every Facebook Ad you write, you charge your client 100-dollars.

And let’s say your client needs 10 Facebook Ads a month.

So 10 Ads x $100 per Ad = $1000/mo.

Are you following so far?


Now, what most people will think is this.

“If I want to double my income, I need to write 20 Ads.”

But here’s the problem.

What if the client doesn’t want any more than 10?

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What if the client only has a $1000 set aside for copywriting…?

And what if you don’t have anymore time per week to write Ads?

Then what?

Most people would consider this “an income ceiling”.

And I did too. But then I realized what I’m about to share with you next…

So, imagine that same client. And let’s just say it takes you 2 hours to write one of these Facebook Ad.

So it takes you 20 hours to write 10 Ads.

Here’s a question for you.

What if you could get faster?

What if you could write an Ad in only 1 hour?

Boom. You’ve just doubled your income.

Just like that.

Think about it. If it took you 2 hours to make 100-dollars, and now it only takes you 1 hour to make 100-dollars — didn’t you just double your rate?

And couldn’t you now with that extra time pick up another client?

You see how that works?

This was a revelation to me.

Wealth Is Measured In Time — Not Money

In my experience, if you focus on money – you’ll always be going the extra mile to pick up a few extra pennies and dollars.

But when you start looking at wealth as time – instead of money – your life will never be the same.

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Imaeruaka Joseph .N

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