Experts Speak on How to Make Money on YouTube in Africa

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Youtube Make Money Channels Nigeria Mich Atagana

YouTube is the world’s biggest digital sharing video platform with more than a billion viewers a month and 400 hours of videos uploaded every minute. As a YouTuber or an aspiring one, here are some nuggets which you may find helpful for succeeding on YouTube and in Africa especially;

Mich Atagana, the head of communications at Google South Africa stated during an interview:

“Creators that succeed on YouTube approach it as a business – they find a topic they’re passionate about that resonates with a specific target market and they create a community around that passion,”

“They spend time and effort researching their content, their video techniques and how to best engage their audiences,”

Thembekile Mahlaba, a member of the YouTube channel Pap Culture pointed out that data is expensive in Africa compared to Europe and America and it consequences on Youtubers. Moreover lesser people are watching or are able to access Youtube channels because of the expense.

Grant Hinds, from his namesake YouTube channel, said he hopes data pricing in Africa changes for the better.

Hinds also said he hoped YouTube would provide ways for people to contribute funds to creators like some of its competitors – that helps creators sustain their channels financially.

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Mich made a statement on practical ways money can be made from YouTube.

“For creators, partnering with brands offers them an opportunity to earn revenue of the time and effort they put into their channels, and possibly make a living out of them too,”

On the flip side if you have a brand you can monetise on YouTube as well.

“Brands run their own YouTube channels which show content of resonance and relevance to that brand’s audience. They can also invest in advertising on YouTube either through running advertising on channels, or through partnering creators to develop sponsored content,”

Tips on how you can be successful on YouTube:

  • Take it seriously.
  • Invest in equipment.
  • Spend time and energy on the community you create and understanding what is important to them.
  • Be consistent – both in output on the channel and how often you post, and
  • Collaborate with other YouTubers where there are shared passions or just for fun.


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