Everything Happening Around You Is For A Purpose

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You should know that things don’t just happen for no reason; they have got a purpose that’s why they happen. Many feel happenings around got no link with purpose but I tell you, it has everything to do with purpose.

Setting a positive mindset means accepting the fact that for every happenings around, there’s a purpose. A purpose you may or may not know but certainly one exist.

With such a mindset, you become a better player in changing life’s game, as you are forced by such mindset to shone complains.

Since you now know that there’s a purpose for any happenings, whether it happens to your favor or not, you won’t border complaining. Else you are stock in that apartment filled with complains.

Mistakes never happen when life is totally or completely screened, for every event we tag as mistakes got their various purposes, so why then tag them mistakes?

When an odd situation plays before you, instead of being negative about the whole scenario, try giving positive thought a space by thinking about the purpose of such event.

As yourself a question as to what message such situation is trying to pass across, as there’s definitely a message she bears. Never complain, just pick the message and learn.

Let me tell you a shot story on purpose

I was privileged to attend the wedding ceremony of my cousin sister, which had a venue very close to an express way (Onitsha-Enugu express way).

During the reception, while the enjoyment lasted, all man drinking, eating, some dancing and others catching fun in their ways, something really bad happened.

My nephew, a boy of six years old, had stomach troubles. He couldn’t hold on no more and had his nice clothe stained with poo.

My sister made enquiries to ascertain the location of the rest room, so we took my nephew there to clean him all up.

I had no idea as regard the purpose of this happening. The message it was passing across wasn’t decoded by me properly, not until few months later.

Few months after the wedding, I was running my industrial training program at a workshop along the same express way but a distance farther.

As a normal routine before breakfast, I try to use the rest room in other to ease myself before headed for work.

One morning, on the faithful day, after my daily routine as usual, I landed at my work place at about 7.50 am. Something strange that made me so uncomfortable happened.

At about 9.15am, my stomach started making a loud noise, like though two rats were having their fore play before mating in it.

As an adult, I tried to play along by holding on. As it became worse, I had to open up by asking out for the workshop’s rest room. And that was when they broke the bad news to me. My industrial attachment area got no rest room.

There and then, I was like- oh! Lord help me….what do I do now. Remember, the workshop was very close to the express-way, with the likes bushes not close by.

Sweat from nowhere started to roll down my face, like I was breaking woods with an axe. Of course, the work my muscles were doing down there was far greater; I guess the reason for the sweat.

I hurriedly took an excuse from my boss to rush back home, to ease myself. I took the first bus I could get to our junction.

While in the bus, the lady next to me was just giving me a clear stare, trying to understand what was going on. I was just so busy swinging my legs, trying to send them back to my stomach, it was indeed a pressure battle.

Trust our roads, with lots of bumps, I almost shouted at the driver to move his bus faster, as he slowed down to pass through these bumps. The bass from the loud music he was playing vibrated my butt seriously, weakening its muscles gradually like the flow had started.

I got to the junction, which was around a seven minutes walk from there too my house. There and then, I could hold on no more, for my hands were already at my back trying to support the now weak muscles, as I walked even more slowly.

Just then, I recalled the occurrence at my cousin’s wedding. My goodness, the venue of the wedding was just at the left side of the junction and I think I know where the rest room Is located.

I moved with the speed of light and within seconds, my bag, trouser and pant were all down while my butt vomited her troubles as fast as she could.

I never knew what would be use to wipe off, for all I cared at the moment was to ease myself a little. After I was done and quite comfortable, I could see no toilet roll but just around the corner, I saw bottled water.

It was very obvious to me that someone must have forgotten it there. All for my good, as I used the water to cleanup, before heading home.

So I ask, do you think the event at my cousin’s wedding wasn’t on purpose? Do you think the mistake by the individual for leaving the bottled water at the toilet wasn’t on purpose?

Everything in life has a purpose, so are the happenings around but if you think otherwise, lets us know what you think. Use the comment box to express that thought of yours, feel free.

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Imaeruaka Joseph .N

Imaeruaka Joseph .N

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