Entrepreneurship Leads to True Independence


Entrepreneurship has been introduced to the society as a new way for youth to not depend on the government but to be open to being creative and active in their various areas of expertise during and after school. Entrepreneurship has created a platform for people to explore, learn and engage in activities that are productive and are beneficial to the community. Students and people out of school are encouraged to engage in entrepreneurial activities and things that will help create an avenue for new learning personal and communal improvement.

Engaging in this process will lead to True Independence, because Independence is in the mind and not in a statement report. Society shouldn’t define your standards, or level it out for you. It could be a reference point, but not the answer to your standards. Society tells you to rely on it for food and clothing, society tells you to rely on people for essentials, Society tells you to rely on government for the basic resource for life. All these will either disappoint or kill the dreams you may or may not have. Mind exposition, and illumination is the best and the basis to greatness or sustainable living in the world today. [See also : Consistency – Tips To Help You Remain Consistent In Your Dealings ]

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Independence doesn’t stop at a country, it need the people to be providers for themselves. These can happen ‘best’, if Entrepreneurship takes place.

Don’t be a regular Citizen, be an Entrepreneur.

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