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Nejo University is an online university, founded by the renowned United Kingdom (UK) based Nigerian successful digital entrepreneur, Daniel Damilola Nejo. He is also the founder/owner of thepresidentialhustle.com.


On the official website of the university, he briefly told his story of humble beginning.


” Born and raised in the slums of Lagos, Nigeria – I have always had the hunger for success but also possessed the empathy for the next man. Immediately I graduated from Uni at the of 19, it dawned on me that even though School is a good thing – a large percentage of graduates have zero practical knowledge or skill to show for their 3-4 years in Uni. I decided to put my head down and learn a practical skill that I could turn into a service. I chose Web & Graphics design and have since expanded to numerous skill sets. Being a hustler, I have been able to scale my “little hustle” to the world and have been able to move to London to acquire a Masters from Middlesex University in Business Information Systems Management. Amongst other things I have been able to achieve, my endorsement from the UK Government as a World Leading Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology stands out the most. I keep improving myself as a person and also as an entrepreneur. I have enrolled on numerous courses from different experts. Some of them include Tai Lopez, Ryan Diess, Brendon Burchard, Eban Pagan and Patt Flynn just to name a few. My empathy for humanity and the next man has led me to start creating content in form of Blogposts, eBooks and Videos which has been watched by over 2 Million People world wide. NejoUniversity.com is my way of empowering the next man by creating high quality courses that doesn’t only empower people but also creates a source of income for them. This University is dedicated to my Late father – The Lion Nejo! “.

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Who is Nejo University for?


Nejo University is for you if

  • You are interested in learning a practical digital skill to either enhance your current business, your role or to use knowledge and skill gotten to start a side hustle which can then lead into a full time gig.
  • You currently have some digital skills such but you feel you are not where you need to be in terms of quality of work. You believe you can do better and if you do – you can get paid more! You will be learning from a lead digital rockstar!
  • You already have a strong Digital skill and are actually a Pro but you are not making good money from what you know and do – you will learn exact ways to properly monetize your skill and services.

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What Is Nejo University About?


  • Creating opportunities for all .
  • Eliminating Idleness & joblessness .
  • Bridging the gap between the west .
  • Restoring Lost hope .
  • Giving People Second chance.


  • High quality digital skills .
  • Real life practical skills.
  • Industry applicable knowledge & skill
  • Next applicable skills & knowledge.


  • Turning acquired skills Into a source of income
  • Positioning People For success ,
  • Knowledge & information to remain  competitive.
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Upon rounding up any course on Nejo University, you will receive a certificate from Presidential Ideas, A UK registered digital agency owned by Daniel Damilola Nejo endorsing your newly acquired skill. This certificate is not only precious because it is from a UK company but it acts as an achievement and qualification for you. Take advantage of this rightnow. Enroll on a course and consume all the content, implement what is outlined and get a certificate to show your worthiness.

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I long time friend of Nejo and a student of Nejo University has this to say about him, his selflessness and the wonders of his courses already in the university.


“I have known Damilola since our NYSC days and one of the things that attracted me to him was his commitment to work. I was always curious to know what Damilola was into and how he was able to afford certain luxuries of life. So, when he informed me of his Course, I knew it was my one chance to have a sneak peak into one of his businesses. I must confess, I was blown away! I don’t want to go over the quality of the videos because I didn’t expect less. I will rather talk about how the content of this course has helped me ever since. My name is Joy and I am a social media strategist who came across this course at the right time. I devoured this course and saved it where I keep my digital valuables. Just so you know, I have confidently set up my Digital marketing brand (I expanded. I was only doing social media management but this course opened my mind to a lot). I remember also telling Damilola that the price of this course was equal to free and he said something that made me respect him more. He said “Joy, I want people to pay the price I would have been able to afford while I was working on my grandma’s dining table“. Now those are the words of a man who cares about people’s growth and not just his pocket. I now offer services to small businesses and I have a few big gigs I work with. Let’s just say I am just getting started because like Damilola, I am leaving no stone unturned. Damilola, this review came late but bear with me because I needed to be sure this was coming from my sincerity cubicle and not just a mere hype. Thank you for shining your light and lighting the candles of many. You are phenomenal!” Joy Eneghalu.

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Nejo University


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