Enthusiast2Pro : Make Money as A Photographer

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Enthusiast to Professional, Photographer
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Credit : Pixabay

Just like other artists, #photography can be very lucrative if you have the fervor to obtain that skill. Whether you are a professional photographer or a freelancer or someone who does it for the fun of it, there is good news; there are genuine ways of making money as a photographer. As far as you possess the necessary skills, it’s possible to turn make money from it.

If you are an enthusiast, then this post is for you. With this post, we can help you figure how to make money with your skills like the pros. So let us have a brief discourse on the monetary aspect of photography.

Event photography

One of the classic ways to make money as a photographer is to cover events. There is a huge opportunity here and it seems to be quite lucrative as a lot of people have events they would love to be covered such as wedding, birthday parties, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, school plays, gala nights and conferences amongst others. We may be in an era where everyone can bring out his/her phone and cover such events but you would come to realize that most event planners or organizers would opt for a professional photographer to cover such events and that is an avenue for you to make cool cash.

  • Create a photo book

Photo book

Creating a photo book is a lucrative way of making money too from photography. It is possible to customize your own collections, show clients and earn money online. Also, you can help clients create their own photo books. This has its advantages which include being cost effective, portable, customizable, and an avenue for friends and family to keep memories together in a photo book.

  • Own your photography blog

Creating your own photography blog is a wonderful way of getting your pictures to a wider audience and also enriching your pocket. If you don’t have the resources to open a blog or the time to manage one, you can engage someone to manage it for you and look for avenues to generate extra income from that blog such as running ads on your blog or sponsored contents. Building a blog may be difficult but at the long run, it is worth the effort if you really want to make money from your photographs.

  • Real Estate photography

Ever taken a photo of a nice building or the interior? You could be up to make some more cash if you work with an interior designer or a real estate agent. All you have to do is take nice pictures of a property up for sale, upload on your page and help connect buyers to the real estate agents or interior #designers.

  • Become a social influencer

Social media is fast becoming a means of reaching a large audience. If you want to make money from your photography, you can open a page on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook where you can upload your photographs. This may seem not to be lucrative at the moment but relax, you can use it as a leverage to get contracts to promote the brands of companies as your followers grow. You can also make money on social media if you meet the mark for making cash there. Also, the social media can expose you to contracts with event planners who like you work.

  • Sell your prints online

If you have some amazing shots on your computer or drive that eyes are yet to see and you won’t like to come to the public domain yet, chances are that you can sell them online. There are two ways to achieve this; sell your to an online platform or sell through a third party. For the former, there are various stock photography websites you can submit your photos to or alternative, you can choose to earn commissions by licensing some of your works through other websites. For the later, a third party seller will take care of the logistics for a fee if they find your work worth the bucks. They can either sell online or in prints depending on their modus operandi. You can give this a shot too if you want to make money from photography.

  • Teach photography

For a person who has mastered the art of photography, it would be cool if you convert your knowledge to cash through teaching beginners. This can be done by organizing online classes, webinars or have a physical class with your students. You can also upload some of your photography tutorials on YouTube and monetize it if you cause enough traffic.

  • Become a paparazzi

Photo Credit : Getty Images

Becoming #paparazzi may be a difficult and hazardous job but you can make serious money when you get an exclusive picture of a celebrity which no other person has. In order to achieve this however, you have to move to a locality that is a hotspot for celebrities or at least, familiarize yourself their localities.

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