Why I dropped my pride as a lawyer, embraced taxi driving —Barr. Voke

MS.Voke Ejenavi was terribly evangelistic once she qualified as a attorney. Her passion for information intended her into applying for her master’s degree before long. similar to several Nigerians, obtaining employment once graduation wasn’t all sleek sailing. She applied to totally different corporations all to no avail.

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Voke Ejenavi creating the decision: Determined to create one thing out of her state of affairs, she took one among the foremost troublesome choices for any adult female at that point, that is changing into a taxi driver, a rare profession for ladies. operative as a taxi driver beneath an internet transport company referred to as Taxify in metropolis not solely created her common, however took her to any or all the nooks and crannies of metropolis.

Obtaining fame: Few months into the business, Voke became common and therefore the selection for many customers of the corporate. Today, Voke United Nations agency couldn’t secure employment once her master’s degree program currently works with a transnational company, courtesy of her call to become a taxi driver some years back. Sharing her experience, Voke United Nations agency was the sole kid of her oldsters said: “It was a troublesome call for my oldsters to permit Pine Tree State to measure in metropolis and once they learn of my call to drive a taxi they weren’t in support at the start.” For Voke, young girls shouldn’t simply sit and watch however build the simplest of any state of affairs they realize themselves. “I simply need to encourage young girls United Nations agency have simply graduated and area unit nonetheless to induce their selection job to not yield or keep inside. Having studied law for seven years and even have my masters, I might have determined to remain inside and looking forward to the chance, however i feel it’s vital to create the foremost of no matter state of affairs one finds him or herself.”

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Checking out job: Voke explained that once she 1st arrived metropolis, she spent most of her time applying for jobs on-line with no excellent news.”My oldsters reside in Delta State, however i made a decision to undertake my luck in metropolis. I even have fantastic friends here in metropolis that enables Pine Tree State to remain with them however whereas they’re going to figure, I’ll be busy on-line looking and applying for jobs with no favorable response. One day, whereas am used to browsing through the web I came upon Taxify Transportation Network Company that gives chance for driving. I asked my oldsters to send Pine Tree State an automobile since i would like one thing I might try this can take Pine Tree State out of the house within the morning and additionally offers opportunities to satisfy folks, since the web application wasn’t operating. “My oldsters were against it within the starting, as a result of I had not been in metropolis for too long at the time, however was ready to persuade them with a number of the appurtenant service place in suit by Taxiway and the way they treat their drivers as partners. They sent the vehicle and that i registered with the Taxiway on-line platform.”
1st day as a driver: Voke aforesaid her 1st day steering on the wheel was every day she might always remember and therefore the chance it gave her to satisfy folks that later counseled her for the new job. “On my 1st day, I was like, however can I address this person, did I lock the door properly. Also, I didn’t permit the very fact that I didn’t understand metropolis o.k. discourage Pine Tree State as a result of there’s associate application that permits you to use Google map to seek out your manner.
Client experience: whereas driving, I paid special attention to my customers and tried to create their journey spirited. For those who area unit interactive we tend to chat whereas for a few we tend to simply face business. For folks that drive around metropolis, they need the expertise that it had been tasking. At the start folks were stunned that a girl is driving a taxi, however at the tip of the journey they typically commend Pine Tree State.”
She disclosed that the great factor concerning Taxiway driving platform was that it gave her liberty to try and do what she likeable and once she finally got employment and therefore the earnings was too little she still combined each. “I eventually got employment at a firm that offered to present Pine Tree State needed expertise however the earnings was too little to hide my expenses as a result of I residing in Gbagada space of metropolis and  the company is in Ikoyi. Once its ten minutes to my time of day, i might buy Taxiway platform on-line and do the driving for like another 3 to four hours before going home.
One among the explanations why Taxiway stands out is as a result of the manner they treat their drivers. They collect less commission and area unit terribly accountable whereas they additionally see their drivers as partners.” Voke aforesaid the new job she got failed to provide her chance to mix 2 things however nonetheless she still invested with in Taxiway. “Where I’m operating now could be a transnational company and one among the items that stood out for the one who counseled Pine Tree State was the bravery I summoned to drive taxi around metropolis. My gift job takes heaps of my time as and driving was out of it however my automobile remains registered with Taxiway and presently I even have 2 cars with them.”
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