Ladies Here are 10 Clothes Ideas for University

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In campus or University, your dress sense or outfit matters. You can attest to that if you’re in school already. You know that campus girls don’t joke with dressing. Yes, this is especially us girls. Whether you are in school or just got admission, this post is for you.

University Outfit Ideas

Getting admission can be very exciting getting all you need from from clothes to room items definitely you’re going to be away from home and how you keep your dorm, how you dress and some other stuff you’ll do is mostly left to you.

Soon after after celebrating your admission into the University or Polytechnic or maybe some of the higher Institution, you start to think about clearance, next is what you need from accommodation to room items to shoes to bags,  a lot of freshers even go on a shopping spree. Its great. You might even want to pack over every single shoe you’ve got at home and you think about some of the clothes you’ve got being OK for class, you’re not so sure.

We collected a list of shoe and clothing items you should definitely have in your wardrobe in school, below.

1. Nice Tote Bag

A Nice Tote Bag

This is totally a school stuff. Perfect for lectures. A typical Uni girl has this. You’d need a few of these for variety and also a cross-body bag like that in Number 2

2. Versatile Going Out BagCampus bag

This one is googd for the night outs, or whenever you what to go out with a smaller bag.


3. Girl Pants

Girl pants college outfit

In your favorite color, pressable and light pants. Smart girls wear these stuff.

4. Pro Outfit

Pro outfit coporate naija


college outfit ideas

As much as you love to take some pants, you need a pro outfit like that, plain and classy.

5. Cool Pair of Kicks, Denims and Vest

college outfit ideas nigeria

And oh, some girls love caps, it goes perfectly.

6. Work Out Gear

If you hit the gym, be sure to get these, also some leggings. On the other hand they’re good for a hot day in the dorm.

7. Some Cute Boxers

When you’re in the dorm and its warm outside, when you’re around, you wouldn’t wear anything else.

8. Plenty of Bras and Underwear

You may never even have enough of it, lol

9. Warm Clothes

college outfit hoodie

A classic zip-up hoodie for the cold days, this one is an essential wear that some girls overlook.

10. No Heels Shoe or Flats

No Heels Shoe, College outfit

Every campus girl has this. College life includes having to dash fom one lecture hall to another and walking long distances and flats is sure to make you look good while still feeling comfortable.

Tip! Flats do not go with long skirts. Ensure that the dress is knee-length or above the knee when you wear flats.

So get your wardrobe fixed!

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