“Sisters that talk down at their husbands, shut the door of Favour to themselves” – Nathaniel Bassey

Gospel musician and Pastor, Nathaniel Bassey has assessed in on domestic violence within an open Instagram message addressed to both women and men across the country pointing out facts.

Nathaniel Bassey Speaks on Domestic Violence

Gospel singer and father of two, Nathaniel Bassey today, weighed in on the increasing level of domestic violence in a message addressed to both men and women.

In line with the pastor who championed ‘The Hallelujah Challenge’ two months ago, husbands who treat their wives badly lock the heavens over themselves.

In the same way, wives that dishonor and talk down at their husbands shut the doorway of Favour to themselves, he added.

See his post below;

“Men who treat their wives badly don’t know they lock the heavens over themselves. And if you think I’m just speaking, then go check out what Peter says about this.

“Personally I’ve found out in my own life, every time I Bless my wife, I get blessed. Husbands please love your wives. Believe me I understand our wives can be soooo “wonderful” sometimes. But you see, Grace is available.

“And Sisters that dishonor and talk down at their husbands, don’t understand that they shut the door of Favour to themselves. Making the home uncondusive for the man, and setting the stage for strangers in the home.

“If you doubt me, see what Proverbs says about living with a contentious woman.

“I know some men can be annoying as well, but with prayer, honour and trust in God, even the vilest of men can become a saint.”

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