Discovering Your Talent

Discovering Your Talent Millitime Podcast
Discovering Your Talent Millitime Podcast

The dictionary defines talent as a marked natural ability or skill. It’s an established fact that we are all unique, born unique, look unique and not only that, it reflects in aspects such as our character, personality, gifts and much more.

Some people have got talents associated with them. Some people have remarkable abilities, however for others, they are yet to know the things they are good at. You’re not alone if you find yourself in this category.

Discovering your gifts is actually uncovering your gifts. To understand the nature of of talent, you need to know that nobody wakes up and starts to do something so perfectly well. Talent actually starts off as an inclination and a natural like for an activity. A case study is drawing. The 7 year old boy who is regarded as a talented artist only started off with a love for the pencil and paper, other kids probably get bored from sketching but he would do sketches with so much interest. He was not so good, but the natural love he had for drawing , perfected his drawing abilities and he started to draw so amazingly well. He has just discovered his talent.

The problem behind the inability of people to identify or uncover their talent is that they don’t go further with their natural inclinations, they feel that its not their talent because they don’t do it so at that time. On the other hand, people feel that a talent, has to be something you just do outstandingly.

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You’ve got to understand that talents are buried, just like treasures of Gold, for some people , it is buried shallow, while for others, deeper. When you scout a land for treasures, and you get a hint of where that Gold is located, will you dig it? How well would you dig?

You’ve also got to understand that gifts comes as ores in most people. An ore is like a treasure, containing the real treasure, and most times, it is overlooked just because it does not glitter. An Ore, when worked on, brings out the real treasure. The gift which you seek, could be just some “work” away. The boy who was a talented artist was only a regular boy who spent time on his love for drawing. If you don’t have a talent, spend time on those things you love, but not good at just yet, take classes if necessary, it could be writing, singing, constructing, designing, decorating, music, public speaking etc, NOTE, it has to be something that sparks interest and love deep within you. Do it and you’ll be amazed at how good you will emerge in it.

Uncover your talents today.

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