What if He is Dating You for Your Money? Signs to Watch Out for

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What if He is Dating You for Your Money? Signs to Watch for

It really is official. The times of the female gold digger has ended. It’s becoming quite typical for women to out-earn the men, in their dating pool. Success is what stacks up the sugar mama potential. Money is difficult to cover up. It doesn’t matter in the event that you earned it from a well compensated, high-powered job where you have carved a distinct segment for your self, or if you were born into a family of means.

Welcome to the age of the unashamed gigolo with the skills of a New York con man with Italian roots. Nowadays, many lazy broke ass men can come at you for your cash. Every successful or financially secure woman is a target. From the entrepreneur, to the banker, the rich widow, the comfortable divorcee or the partner at a law firm; the financial opportunist loves all of them.
Men who try this, are very charming and smooth. They often times pull out all the stops for you, to fall for them. They are going to pretend to have their own money, however in reality, they are borrowing from one lady to pay the other. Listed below are the signs.

1. He Picks The Tab In the beginning

A real financial opportunist picks the tab at first to get your trust and help you to lower your guards. He sees his ladies as investments. For him, pretense is a skill. He pretends he has money to throw around, but in reality, he is only borrowing from Mary to pay Maryam. His goal is to finance the relationship until he’s convinced you are hooked and he stops. You are left to choose the tab henceforth.

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2. He Is A Spender

Budgeting is strange to the guy. He is mostly likely to be neck deep with debt. These group of men usually have expensive tastes not matched by their income. They select the finest restaurants and clubs with the choicest wine for dates and hounds you for a night at the very best hotel around. From the Aldo sandals he wears, to the Valentino shoes and the tailored Kaftans; every thing he has on, is primed to impress you enough to pull off the scam.

3. He Is Forever Broke

Most men keep their financial struggles to themselves since it makes them feel like a loser and a weakling. This embezzler of love shares his money troubles and asks for help bravely! He promises you, this deal will be it. The “it” never comes and also you end up bankrolling him again and again. Watch out for any man who does not accept responsibility for his financial state.

4. He Taps You For Cash

One of many classic sign that the man is dating you for your cash is him requesting a loan when he’s dating you. Men who do, often start to see the women they date as an ATM, rather than a real love interest. In love, you share expenses and also have common values towards spending, the usage of credit, loans, and savings.

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Give it to Nigeria men; they have been super generous. If you’re dating a Nigerian man, whom you feed, stuff his pockets and he shags you all on your own bed or you pay for the hotel where you are shagged and he never gives money, it is time for you to dialogue with your legs. Even if the sex is good, it isn’t worth the money you are losing.

5. He Is An NFA (No Future Ambition)

Being unemployed or working part-time isn’t a crime. However, it is a red flag when a man doesn’t have career ambitions beyond name dropping, glitz and glamour and he is content spending your money to invest in spurious businesses. Run away from guys who want your money, earn significantly less and also have no plans to enhance themselves or sustain careers.

6. Your Gut Informs you that He Is Playing You

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The human mind is extremely intuitive. Our gut feeling is usually right. Pay attention to your brain more than your heart. Ignore the good looks, the urbane bonafides, how he makes you laugh and give your gut feeling a chance.

A number of of these in a man, are signs you are dating a financial opportunist. Be mindful! Men who exhibit these characteristics are smooth and suave. There is every chance you have fallen under his charm despite his exploitation and it might be arduous to break it off.

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However, a break is all that’s necessary from him. Be strong and determined. Simply tell him to come back when he can support himself.

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