COVID-19: South Africa suspends use of AstraZeneca vaccine

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A health worker will prepare the AstraZeneca/Oxford Covid-19 vaccine at the Minot Hospital in Rechenai near Paris on February 7, 2021.

South Africa has suspended its AstraZeneca vaccination program due to concerns that the vaccine will not be suitable for new variants. WHO experts are scheduled to meet on Monday to discuss that the vaccine has already faced problems about its super-effectiveness. 65s.
A trial showed that the vaccine only provides “minimal” protection against the mild to moderate Covid-19 virus caused by the mutation first discovered in South Africa. This is a setback in the global fight against the pandemic, as many poor countries rely on logistics Advantages
The worst-hit country in Africa was originally scheduled to start its campaign with one million doses of AstraZeneca in the next few days, but the government decided to postpone the Minister of Health Zweli based on the results of the test conducted by the University of Witasland in Johannesburg. Zweli Mkhize told reporters on Sunday: “This is a temporary problem. We have to put AstraZeneca on hold until we figure out these problems.” 1.5 million AstraZeneca vaccines. He added that other medicines obtained in South Africa will be available. It expires in April and will keep these drugs until scientists give clear instructions for use.
AstraZeneca, filmed in collaboration with the University of Oxford, told AFP: “We do believe that our Vaccine Society spokesperson said that researchers are already working to update the vaccine to deal with the South African variant that is spreading rapidly around the world.
The World Health Organization expert group is scheduled to meet in South Africa on Monday. Geneva has inspected the vaccine, which is the main component of the original Covax global vaccine launch, covering 145 countries (mainly low- and middle-income countries).
In Of the initial 337.2 million vaccinations, 240 million were AstraZeneca injections.
Pfizer and Moderna vaccines do not require ultra-cold storage.
There have been concerns about the efficacy of AstraZeneca vaccines for people over 65 years old. Many European countries do not Satisfaction.
The coronavirus pandemic has claimed 2.3 million lives out of nearly 106 million known infections worldwide. Although AstraZeneca has suffered setbacks, vaccine promotion in other countries is also accelerating.
Hungarian authorities said on Sunday that they had approved Russia’s Sputnik V gun, and Cambodia became the latest country to receive China’s Sinopharm vaccine, receiving 600,000 doses of lancets.
The worst-hit United States is working to speed up its mass vaccine The vaccination plan, which has been plagued by supply and logistics issues.
President Joe Biden, who took office last month, said that his predecessor Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic was “more terrible than we thought. “We thought they had indicated that more vaccines were available, but that was not the case.” He told CBS News on Sunday. “So that’s why we will do our best.”
Biden also asked American football fans to “be careful.” Health experts worry that the virus will spread during and after parties during and after the country’s largest Super Bowl. event.
– “I’m bored at home” –
There is some good news from Israel, which appeared since the third blockade on Sunday. Israel’s vaccination program is considered the fastest per capita vaccine in the world.
In neighboring Jordan, thousands of students returned to the classroom on Sunday, nearly a year later.
“I am very happy to see my friends and teachers again,” the seven-year-old Mecca is in a school in Jabal Amman in the middle of the Jordanian capital.
“I am bored at home.”
The school is also expected to reopen on Monday in Romania, the Netherlands, Denmark and Austria. Museums and shops will also reopen in Austria.
The atmosphere in Venice is both gloomy and optimistic, and the annual Carnival kicks off with smaller celebrations.
“Venice is strange this year. Armando Bala, a clothing salesperson, said it was shocking to see it so empty.
“What we are talking about here today is that Venice can survive and be reborn because Venice has a long history. History.

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