COVID-19 : FG presents proposal for schools’ reopening to National Assembly

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Amid mounting pressure from parents and stakeholders, the federal government said it has submitted proposal for the reopening of schools nationwide to the National Assembly (NASS).

Speaking at a meeting on Tuesday, June 23, with members of the Senate committee on basic and secondary education, minister of education (state) Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba made this known in what apparently ushered in a flash of hope.

Nwajiuba, however, noted that the proposal is different from guidelines earlier released on ban lift on learning centres. The minister further added that education of the country can be moved forward despite the pandemic if all stakeholders fashion out effective ways that will not contribute to the spike in Covid-19 infection.

Corornavirus: FG presents proposal for schools’ reopening to National Assembly

Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, minister of state for education, presents proposal for schools’ reopening to National Assembly.

He emphasised that what federal government has now is a proposal which will also be presented to the Senate at large as it was done for House of Representatives.

“In the document we have provided, we have suggested how we can move our Education sector forward in this pandemic period. “We don’t want to make it known at this period so that some people will not take our proposal for guidelines for schools’ reopening. “This is because people publish fake guidelines everyday, which I always come on air to debunk. What we have now is a proposal. Even if the Senate has not called us, we would have come to you to discuss with you because we have already discussed with the House of Representatives,” the minister said.

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Nwajiuba also warned against plans to reopen schools by some states against the central directives of the federal government. According to him, such a move is likely to sabotage the collective efforts channelled in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. 

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