Could this be Emotional Insecurity or what?

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The No Strings Attached "Thingy"

The No Strings Attached “Thingy”

How often do you hear people make statements like; he/she is just a friend, an acquaintance, a brother or sister in the church, a colleague at the office etc. It always give me serious concern when they say any of these and then add “no strings attached”. What do you mean by no strings attached? For that individual to be a friend, colleague or even an acquaintance there has to be a string attached.

No form of relationship can exist without an attached string. The responsibility therefore, is yours to identify and define what type of string is attached and to what degree is the attachment.

When you meet people, you connect with them from your heart. There has to be a string attached. Every human being is valuable and requires some level of affection channeled towards him or her. Don’t treat people with disdain, disrespect or disaffection just because you are trying to win the trust and love of one particular homo sapien (guy or lady). That is living in falsehood; quite unfortunate that the general class of people would rather put up with lies.


Emotional insecurity or simply insecurity is a feeling of general unease caused by the perception of oneself to be vulnerable or inferior in some way.

From personal studies and research, I have identified this to be the problem. A larger percentage of people have a low self esteem and it breeds insecurity. They easily feel threatened by a second or third party involvement in their affairs. They feel more comfortable and secure when they hear lies like

“You are the only lady/guy I admire”
“You are more beautiful/handsome than any other lady/guy I’ve ever met in my entire life time”
“You are the only one that triggers my emotions and
cause the adrenaline rush in me”

…and the list of lies is endless. You know them much better than I do, 🙂

It’s always satirical when you meet two full grown adults stir into each others eyes confidently lying to themselves like this and they both know it’s all lies. Well, they have to because it creates some comfort zone for them and makes them feel secure. Little wonder the epidemic called heart break has become very rampant because truth cannot be suppressed for too long. Sooner or later an ample opportunity will avail itself and both parties would realize the truth and somebody’s heart will be shattered. In fact, I have thought of opening a heart mending clinic for all broken hearts and I think I’ll make some mega bucks (kudi, ego, wora) from it. What do you think, will you be one of my patients? Lol….

In Conclusion, It is important to embrace high self esteem and be at ease with one’s true self.

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