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There was disarray in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital on Saturday after a wedding ceremony, which was expected to hold yesterday reached a sensational end, when father of the bride all of a sudden canceled the wedding of his little girl, Oluwaseun Adugbe to his life partner, Tunji Curtis, a couple of hours to the beginning of the service.
Mr Adugbe, a local of Edo State was said to have reported that the wedding would never again hold and told his  daughter to return everything brought by the groom’s family to them promptly without giving any reason.


The wedding was supposed to hold at Mr. Adugbe’s house located at Oshodi area, Felele Rab, Ibadan.

Individuals from thegroom’s family, who had arrived from Lagos in the early hours of Saturday, were said to have been left in shock and couldn’t understand why the family of the bride would drop their daughter’s wedding with no earlier notice.

They were said to have been told that the wedding could no longer hold and that all preparations should be suspended. The father insisted that no marriage ceremony would hold in his house and that he would not be a party to the union.

The bribe and the groom, have been dating for about five years and their relationship has produced a four-year child.

At the point when squeezed by Tunji’s family for explanations behind his eventual dad in-law’s activities, it was said he had blamed Tunji for neglecting to respect a gathering with different individuals from the family on Friday, an advancement, which left them with no alternative than to drop the wedding.

Tunji arrived at his fiancée’s family house on Friday evening without any information that his wedding would be called off the next day.

According to him, he arrived in Ibadan on Friday morning and was asked by the bride’s father to come for what he described as a crucial meeting with other members of the family, but failed to meet up with the 1p.m appointment due to other engagements.

He claimed that he arrived late at his fiancée’s house on Friday, but no one told him the wedding had been cancelled as preparations for the next day had begun.

He claimed that he had no problem with his fiancée’s father and could not understand why such a drastic action would be taken without his being informed. He added that his wife to-be could not explain the rationale behind her father’s decision.

He said “This is shocking. I don’t believe this is truly happening, because my wife and I had no issues at all and I can’t remember having any issue with her father. In fact, I sent money to her father last week Thursday as part of my contributions towards the wedding,” he said.

Tunji, who was almost moved to tears while speaking, said no one could explain to him what went wrong as things were still not cleared to him as of the time he was talking.

“I asked my father in-law what went wrong; he told me that I failed to honour a meeting yesterday. I tried to explain to him that I was extremely busy making sure that everything was in place so that we could have a smooth celebration.

“Right now, I just want to forget about this drama and cool off. I will think of the next thing to do when I wake up tomorrow.”

His elder sister, Abibat said she was disappointed by the actions of the bride’s family.

Abibat said, “You can imagine the excuse that they gave for the cancellation of the wedding. I have never seen any family that is as irresponsible as this. I don’t blame them; I blame our son, who took the wrong step. The wedding is over and we will be going back to Lagos anytime from now.”

Another member of the groom family, Olayinka Ogunbajo, who brought the wedding cake from Lagos, said the family members met the father of the bride on their arrival from Lagos with the cake, saying “the father told us where we would keep the cake on Friday. He welcomed us heartily into his house and there was no reason for us to think otherwise. On getting here this morning, we were told that the wedding had been called off. I am speechless”.

Residents and other well-wishers who later learnt about the cancellation of the weeding said that they were also surprised to learn of the sudden change of mind of the bride father.


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