Thursday, August 16, 2018


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Poynter International Fact-Checking Network Flash Grant (APAC) 2018 | USD 10,000

The IFCN/Google News Lab fact-checking bursary provides an immediate injection of funds to a fact-checking project that is set to have a high impact.The IFCN...

WhatsApp is Finally Ready to Start Making Money

Before it was acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp used to display a banner in its app asking users to pay a nominal fee to use...

Sure Ways to Make Money as a Graphic Designer

Having the skill is great but that alone is not enough because you do not just want to have the skill but also want...
How Facebook Make Money

How Facebook Makes Money | Full Details

Facebook one of the most popular social online platform in todays world, have been able to generate revenue from diverse ways, which is actually...

Top 5 Business Idea For Ladies

 Human sex has greatly affected businesses and business ideas. As what may sound suit for a guy will not do same to the ladies. Ladies...
6 Tips to Grow your Wealth (That Most People Won't Do)

6 Tips to Grow your Wealth (That Most People Won’t Do)

Very few people actually get proactive with their finances and take initiative and responsibility. Very few focus on what they can control and get...
'Bill Gates has 'absolutely influenced me' - Mark Zuckerberg

‘Bill Gates has ‘absolutely influenced me’ – Mark Zuckerberg

When Microsoft founder Bill Gates took his software company public in 1986 as a 30-year-old — making him a millionaire and one of the...

Pensioners in Nigeria to Withdraw only once every 2 years

To break the short intervals between the date of contributions and withdrawals that often results in significant tax payable to relevant tax authorities, the...