Cars45 Launches Car Dealership Academy Programme in Nigeria

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Cars45 Launches Car Dealership Training Programme

In a bid to shrink the daily growth of unemployment in the country and expose individuals to the prospect of entrepreneurship, Cars45, Nigeria’s leading Auto platform has initiated a Merchant Academy Program.

The Merchant Academy is an avenue where registered auto merchants are briefed and trained on customer prospecting. With the training lasting for a period of eight weeks, registered merchants are expected to attend classes in order to keep up with training courses viz a viz being matched with practicing dealers in order to experience the practical aspect of the process while earning income from their car sales. Upon completion of the above process, merchants are measured according to their performances and sales with the eligible ones being migrated to dealers at Zero cost.

On Friday 9th March, 2018, the Academy graduated into full fledged Cars45 Dealers, Merchants who had just successfully completed the program. The event took place at the Cars45 Dealer Resource Center located at Alausa Shopping Mall, Ikeja. In the course of the graduation, new merchants were inducted as the academy immediately kick started a new session for aspiring dealers.

Benefits of Zero capital for start-up, access to the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) loan scheme to the tune of 5 Million Naira and training by professional facilitators in the auto business field are in the lineup upon sign up and registration. Merchants will also enjoy a 1 year FREE dealership registration.

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Cars45 Merchant Academy is still open for registrations. Interested individuals who wish to sign up for the merchant program should visit or call 08139840160.

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