Burmese police fire rubber bullets at anti-coup protesters

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On February 9, 2021, protesters participated in a demonstration against the military coup in Yangon, and riot police stood guard. (Photo taken by Sai Aung Main / AFP)

On Tuesday, demonstrators across the country ignored the military ban on gatherings.
As international condemnation of the coup intensified, protests broke out for the fourth consecutive day. Last week, the coup overthrew civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi. The military government will take action to combat demonstrations that threaten “stability” and newly ban gatherings of more than five people.
Naypyidaw, a remote capital specially built by the former military regime, witnesses said that the police told AFP to a resident: “They fired two artillery shells into the air and then fired two warning shells at them. , And then fired rubber bullets at them.” Tun Wei said that he was injured at the time.
It is not clear how many people were injured because a hospital in Nay Pyi Taw does not allow relatives to visit his family. room.
” The 56-year-old goldsmith told AFP, “My son was shot while trying to use a loudspeaker to ask people to protest peacefully after the police used high-pressure water guns to disperse them,” he was shot. …I am very Worry for him.”
In Mandalay, the country’s second largest city, police fired tear gas to disperse protesters. Hlaing gave a televised speech on Monday night to prove the reason for seizing power.
The first ban on a series of protest hotspot gatherings was also announced on Monday, as was the night curfew.
But on Tuesday, new protests began to appear everywhere. Yangon, including the League of Democrats (NLD) near the Nat headquarters in Suu Kyi.
The protesters held placards that read “We want our leaders”, referring to Suu Kyi who is currently detained by the military and “no dictatorship.”
In the town of San Chaung in Yangon, dozens of teachers marched on the main road, brandishing a provocative three-finger salute, which has become an iconic gesture of protesters.
“We are not worried about their warning. This is why we came out today. We cannot accept them for voting fraud. We don’t want any military dictatorship,” teacher Thein Win Soe told AFP. The National League for Democracy won the national election in November last year by a landslide, but the military never accepted the legitimacy of the vote.
Soon after the coup, the military declared a one-year state of emergency and promised to hold new elections after that.
Min Aung Hlaing insisted on Monday that the military will keep its promises and re-establish democracy. He also announced that the situation will be different from the first 49 years of military rule that ended in 2011.
“After the tasks in the emergency period are completed, free and fair multi-party elections will be held in accordance with the Constitution, he said.
But these promises are accompanied by threats.
In the face of increasingly bold waves of resistance, the military warns against opposition The military government is illegal.
In a statement published in the official media, it said: “Action must be taken to deal with activities that threaten stability and public order.
–Global Outrage –
New Zealand became the first foreign government to announce specific public actions on Tuesday, announcing the suspension of high-level military and political contacts with Myanmar.
The United States led a global call for generals to give up power and issued a new statement on Monday after the military government issued a warning to the protesters.
“We stand with the people of Myanmar and support their right to gather for peace. US State Department spokesperson Ned Price (Ned Price) stated on Monday using Myanmar’s original name.
Price also said that the United States has asked for a relationship with Suu Kyi The request for dialogue was denied.
The UN Human Rights Council said that a relatively rare special meeting will be held on Friday to discuss the crisis.
At the same time, relatives of Suu Kyi, an Australian economic adviser, said they were “Feeling uneasy”
Macquarie University Professor Sean Turnell (Sean Turnell) was the first foreigner to be arrested by the new military government.

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Myanmar police fire rubber bullets at anti-coup protesters
Myanmar police fire rubber bullets at anti-coup protesters

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