Breaking News: 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Southern Japan

People have now been left in a situation of shock and panic after a life-threatening 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck southern Japan.

Road caves in after eathquake
Road caves in after eathquake

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An earthquake of magnitude 6.1 struck off southern Japan on Thursday, the US Geological Survey said. The quake struck 682 km off Japan’s island of Kyushu at a depth of 10 km, the agency said.

NAN reports that on April 14, 2016, authorities said nine people died after a second earthquake hit Japan’s southern island of Kyushu. Authorities report a lot more than 800 injured, at least 53 seriously, and countless people displaced on the island.

The 6.4-magnitude earthquake, considered to be one of the aftershocks of the earlier quake, struck at 0:03 a.m. local time (15:03 UTC). Japanese broadcaster NHK reported that around 860 people were injured during the tremors, while tens and thousands of people were evacuated.

The quake reportedly brought down walls and several houses in the city of Mashiki, located some 900 kilometers (560 miles) southwest of Tokyo.

An unknown number of people were trapped in the buildings and one of them was unconscious, according to NHK. Kyushu Electric Power said more than 16,000 house holds around Mashiki were without electricity.

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