What U.S Universities are Saying About Nigerians Studying There

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Bowie state university

Nigerians are outstanding and where ever you see them, they sparkle like gemstones in the sky.

Some Nigerians are studying at the Bowie State University, in the State of Maryland, U.S. and the school has good testimonies.

Regarding the 1,000 Nigerian college students that are in the tertiary institution, about 100 are international college students while nine hundred are residents.

Professor Cosmas Nwokeafor is a Nigerian and he is the Dean of the institution’s Graduate School.

He informed a News Company of Nigeria that the organization has been blessed by Nigerian students.

“Most of the Nigerian learners are specialising in Pc Science and Organisational Marketing communications and many other programs.

“And Nigerians have in fact performed perfectly and You need to know because I have been in this university for 25 years.

“When you consider the list of performance, the students have already been stellar learners in all areas of our graduate student programmes and also the undergraduate as well.

“In many areas, a number of our students have completed their particular degree programs here both undergraduate and graduate, and also have inj other major professional fields out there.

“Their character, my goodness, if I would speak about their character based on the ones that work very close with me, you can see the difference.

“When you meet Nigerian students, you are able to tell they may be well-mannered, extremely humble, sincere and conscious of their particular business, which usually is the program of their education.

“Among all, there might be one or two that do not actually portray what we expect of them but a majority has actually demonstrated excellence and that represents Nigeria very well,” he said

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According to him, many Nigerians who also had finished their programs in the university are medical doctors.

“Some are professional nursing professionals and teachers away there are performing very well. A lot of the students around the undergraduate level that come from Nigeria are actually doing so well. ”

Robert Batten is an Older Director, World Programmes in the university and he also spoke extremely of Nigerian students in the 150-year-old university.

Batten said: “The first thing I understand is about their particular work ethic; they are tirelessly devoted to excellence.

“When they are employed for on-campus jobs, they will show up early, they stay late, they will ask for extra job responsibilities; the companies on campus love these types of Nigerian students”.

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