Boko Haram: UK Government Gives £200,000,000 to Assist the Restoration of the North East

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Boko Haram: UK Government Gives £200,000,000 to Assist the Restoration of the North East

After the damage brought on by Boko Haram in North Eastern region of Nigeria, great britain, UK, has announced a £200,000, 000 gift to assist in reconstructing the region as well as the rehabillitation of all those affected.

The support was unveiled by UK’s International Development Secretary, Priti Patel, during a trip to Borno State, yesterday.

Patel, who had been escorted on the trip with UK Foreign Secretary, stated that they are in the North East to view how the, “UK is leading the international response to the humanitarian crisis in the region is helping to avert famine and build stability and security after the destruction caused by Boko Haram.”

Conversing during the visit, Priti Patel said,“It is catastrophic that at least 20,000 people have been murdered by Boko Haram’s terrorist regime, and over five million people have been left hungry and many homeless. Babies’ bodies are shutting down and mothers who have lost everything are fighting to keep their children alive.

“Global Britain is a country that stands tall in the world and the UK will not turn its back on people living in danger and desperation.

“We are leading the way on the international stage through our world-class development, defence and diplomacy, providing a lifeline to over 1.5 million people on the brink of famine, tackling Boko Haram and pushing for global aid reform to deliver help more effectively.

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“Terrorism knows no borders and the Nigerian Government must now follow our lead to stop innocent people dying and securing the area so that these people can rebuild their lives in safety – reducing the threat of radicalisation and migration for the UK at home.”

Additionally speaking in the course of the visit, Johnson said, “Boko Haram has generated suffering, instability and poverty on a huge scale, with profound knock on effects far from Nigeria’s borders, and I am proud of Britain’s commitment to supporting the Nigerian people in tackling terror.

“In Maiduguri I met casualties of Boko Haram violence, including bomb and gunshot victims, and saw for myself the displacement of people that brutality and poverty have created.

“Our military, diplomatic and development assistance is making a big difference. The British military has to date trained 28,000 Nigerian troops, equipping them with skills to turn the tide against Boko Haram, while our humanitarian aid is alleviating widespread suffering. This is about helping a Commonwealth partner in its time of need as well as addressing the root causes of international challenges such as migration.”

The UK government outlined that the £200 million assistance is a share from DFID Nigeria’s budget for 4 years right from 2018 – 2022, which is targeted at building up on the existing £100 million of humanitarian services for 2017.

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It revealed that the program will be provided through able and economical partners, incorporating UN agencies which include UNICEF, WFP, United Nations Humanitarian Air Service; NGOs and private sector partners.

The statement added, “ This is part of a wider UK Government package of support in the north east including political, military and intelligence support to tackle Boko Haram, and reduce conflict and bring stability to the area – helping to reduce the threat of radicalisation and migration to the UK.

“So far 500 UK military personnel have provided training to the Nigerian Armed Forces.

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“Over 40 UK military personnel have been deployed to Nigeria on an enduring basis.

“Over 28,500 Nigerian military have been trained by the UK to date.”

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