Boko Haram Members Caught In Ajao Estate, Isolo, Lagos

Boko Haram Members Caught In Ajao Estate, Isolo, Lagos

Three suspected people of the Boko Haram sect have been caught in Ajao Estate area of Lagos. The suspects were arrested by members of the Hausa Community in Lagos.

The alleged terrorists had been hiding amongst some Hausa associates before they were fished out by the leaders around, as stated by an Islamic cleric, Mohammed Abdullahi, who talked yesterday during the Isolo Townhall meeting organized by the Lagos State acting Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi.

The townhall assembly was involving the stakeholders in Area D Command as well as the police held in Isolo.

The Cleric said, “A lot of people think Boko Haram issue is just about the Northeast, but they are mistaken. We have been arresting fleeing Boko Haram members in Lagos. I do not know if it is as a result of the proximity to the airport.

Just about all of the escapee Boko Haram members who come to Lagos have been arrested in Ajao Estate. Just 3 weeks ago, we arrested three of them who ran from Borno State.We have a way of identifying them. The Seriki Hausa in Ajao Estate has the contact of all the local government chairmen in Borno State. That way, we usually know those Boko Haram elements who have fled the area to other parts of the country.

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“We have been doing this since 2014 and we have been working in collaboration with the Joint Task Force (JTF) in Borno. Once we identify them, we contact the JTF and they come and arrest them.

Responding to Abdullahi’s disclosure, Edgal guaranteed that the police would confirm the statements by the cleric because there were critical security concerns.

He prompted residents to be more vigilant, remembering that Lagos cannot be singled out from security challenges in other parts of the country.

“We all know that Lagos is the melting pot of the country. Because Lagos is functioning, we are getting influx of people at astronomical rate,” he said.


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