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BMCE Bank of Africa Entrepreneurship Award 2018 is giving a Grant of $1 million

BMCE Bank African Entrepreneurship Award 2018

Are you looking for mentoring to launch or grow your business or idea in Africa? Join the journey to receive free, online mentoring from over 400 entrepreneurs, investors and business owners.

The African Entrepreneurship Award offers a grant of $1 million to all eligible African entrepreneurs with an exisiting business or just an idea for one. The Award Journey is made up of 4 rounds of mentoring and starts by you taking a few minutes to submit an idea for Round 1. Once you hit the submit button, you begin a journey with real entrepreneurs who have been where you are today.


You, the entrepreneur, must meet the following criteria to submit your business proposal:

  • You are a citizen, & over 18 years of age.
  • Your idea or business is a for-profit.
  • You have a strategy for positive social impact.
  • Your idea fits in one of this year’s categories.
  • Your idea is for Africa, or an African country.
  • Your idea or business includes a technological component.
  • You must be a citizen of an African country.
  • You must be a minimum of 18 years old as of November 1, 2018.
  • Your business or idea must be applicable in an African country.
  • Your business or idea must include a technological component (digital, machinery, computers, ICT, automated processes, field related technologies,…)
  • Your business or idea must be for profit.
  • Your business or idea must include a social impact. You need to articulate the problem you are trying to solve as well as the solution you offer.
  • Your business or idea must be relevant to one of these categories:
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Award Categories:

  • Innovation

New technology, new business model or attempting to solve a problem that’s never been solved before in your region.

Criteria Include

Is it durable?
Is it multi-functional?
Is it environmentally sustainable?
Is it low cost?

  • Sports
    Promotes integrity, perseverance and friendship to unite communities.

Criteria Include
To what extent does it strengthen the economy?
To what extent does it improve health of our youth?
To what extent does it reflect values, especially integrity?
The Journey:

Ten months to launch or scale your idea, build your business, & share in the Award.


Submissions Open
Submit your idea by April 30.
3 Rounds of Online Mentoring
Our mentors help define your market & put your scalability to the test.
On-site Visits
Entrepreneurs in the top 50 are visited by the Award team.
Finalists benefit from a 3-day Boot Camp; then pitch their ideas to the Presidential Jury.
The Award
The jury decides the number of winners & how the $1 million award is shared.
How to Apply:
Click the link below to apply


Application Deadline: April 30th 2018

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