Benefits of MTN Beta Talk and How To Migrate

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Benefits of MTN Beta Talk and How To Migrate

MTN, the leading telecommunications company has BetaTalk is a tariff, that was released in Nigeria not too long ago while the company takes number one positions in the world of telecoms in Nigeria.

The beta plan of MTN with this tariff is 200%. Recharge bonus broadcasting time is N100!  With this tariff of MTN, you will receive Three times value of yours to recharge. When you reach the limit of your calls, Internet, and SMS, internal calls will be updated at the N24/minute price (40k/sec).

Also, take notice that most internal calls, SMS, and data will be updated from the main accounting record of the customer the moment bonus broadcasting time will end or will start to expire.

Earlier registered customers of MTN can pass to the tariff plan MTN Beta Talk. Meanwhile, the paid customers possessing tariffs of MTN Trutalk, MTN iPulse, Zone MTN can migrate on MTN Beta Talk.

So, what are the benefits of the tariff?

• Remuneration in the form of 200% of broadcasting time in case of account replenishment for N100 and more,

• Bonus time for air lasts within weekly,

• Bonus broadcasting time will be accessible to call all over the country, local SMS, and the data of PAYG,

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• When you recharge on the rate of MTN you start with N100 or above, you get 10 MB of data within Seven days.

How to migrate to Mtn beta talk?

To pass to the new rate of MTN, just dial *123*2*6# or text BT to 131.

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