Autodesk Holds Forum to Enhance Digital Construction in Nigeria

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Autodesk Holds Forum to Enhance Digital Construction in Nigeria

Autodesk, an American multinational software corporation held its one-day forum on the adoption of digital technology in Nigeria construction industry on Friday, July 20, 2018  Futures’ at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Lagos. Forum themed: The forum with the theme; “The Future of Making Things” was organized by the international organization to encourage the adoption of digital construction in Nigeria.

The one-day forum was witnessed by relevant stakeholders in the construction industry stressed the need for adoption of digital technologies in the Nigeria construction industry and highlighted how the disruptive power of digital technologies can enable a more profitable, resilient and agile industry.

The event had in attendance officials of Autodesk such as Simon Bromfield, Autodesk’s Africa Lead and Channel Manager, South Africa, Arc. Chike Chamberlain Ibeanu Managing Partner, ZDesign & Development Consulting Ltd and Vijay Raina – Autodesk Sr. Technical Sales Specialist – AEC.

Mr Simon Bomfield while addressing the participants on the topic titled; ‘Future of Making Things’ stressed that advanced technology in construction may seem like an oxymoron, but the industry is a new frontier for innovation.

“Contractors are pressured on many sides, operating in a market driven by money and risk. Securing a profitable place in tomorrow’s market will be linked to a contractor’s ability to innovate. We urgently need to focus on the future- the future of making things with technology. When you see how this connectivity influences every facet of a construction site—improving the efficiency, safety, and cost—it is not even a question of whether the industry will move in this direction, only how quickly” he said during the event Lagos, Nigeria.

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In what seems like a revolution, virtually all industries have transformed with the inclusion of technology while the construction industry is still caught up in the net of under digitization. The forum which is first of its kind in the country according to organizers is to advocate for the use of digital technologies in construction.

The need to address the slow-paced growth in technology advancement in construction birth the forum. In 2016 alone, 70 percent of construction firms dedicated 1 percent or less of their revenue to technology. Also, in one of its report in 2017, World Economic Forum (WEF),  revealed how engineering and construction industry has been slow to move away from its traditional approach, though new (digital) technologies are generating major changes and offering great potential.

The forum also acknowledged the issues plaguing the Construction industry such as rising project complexity, globalization of constructionskills shortage, and access to capital but discussed how cloud-enabled technologies present an opportunity for disruption in the way we design and operate buildings and infrastructure.

However, the forum raised further discussion on how the construction industry will match the evolving world which according to many is gradually drifting to the fourth industrial revolution as it  explored the relevance of augmented and virtual reality, generative design, AI/Machine learning, smart cities, factory of the future, and climate change solutions, in the future of construction and infrastructure.

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Autodesk leads the world of digital construction globally with its innovative technology which is being used in different countries of the world. Autodesk is one company with a strong desire to help people digitize the construction and project management process, by providing accurate information at the point of decision-making, which would help drive better decisions and more profitable project outcomes. It is a widely accepted software among architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, town planners and builders in Nigeria.

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