Apple is Set for The Unveiling of iPhone 8 and a “Surprise” iPhone

Apple’s new iPhone 8 is set to be released on Tuesday Sept 12 and guess what ? It is Apple’s 10th anniversary and Apple is about to surprise their users

Apple is Set for The Unveiling of iPhone 8 and a "Surprise" iPhone X

Lately, fans have already got the taste of what the phone looks like earlier as phone specifications were leaked a couple of days before the launch and so many of the features were revealed.

From the information,the price of apple iPhone will be around 350 thousand naira and will actually be called the iPhone X which is going to feature wireless charging, a facial recognition ability, and edge to edge display and for the first time it will have no home button.

Apple is anticipated to release the device alongside with two other phones; the apple iPhone 8 and an apple iPhone 8 plus.

Apple iPhone is going to be launched in The Apple iPhone Events which is holding at California on Tuesday Evening Nigerian time, and 6 p.m. UK time.

Apple iphone is expected to make huge sales in forthcoming months

What the iPhone X will look like

Analysts have suggested that the premier phone iPhone x is going to come out in 3 colors black copper and gold and  it’s going to feature an edge to edge display; an iPhone that looks like one piece of glass with a screen that covers the whole front of the phone.

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Apple is Set for The Unveiling of iPhone 8 and a "Surprise" iPhone X

Apple is Set for The Unveiling of iPhone 8 and a "Surprise" iPhone X

With no home button at the front, iPhone X uses a Solid-state home button where the home button vibrates instead of clicks.

How the iPhone 8 function keys could look

The amazing part of the features is that its going to have the ability to unlock phone using facial recognition. A security upgrade that makes the phone able to scan the user’s face and unlock within a split second.

It also features a smart camera which has the ability to identify different objects such as fireworks, a baby, structures and sport

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