Anthony Joshua Has Word For Y’all iPhone 8 Users

Anthony Joshua Has Word For Y'all iPhone 8 Users

Our very own Boxing champ, Anthony Joshua has recently prepared a savage response for anybody who has an Iphone 8 but still asking him for favors.

As stated by him, if you own an iphone 8 and you come to him for support he would tell you ‘Gerry awtt of here, Ewure Oshi(Stupid Goat)’

The boxer said is going to be absurd to acquire a phone of around £900 or N350,000 or more and still be pleading for money.

Although actually telling everybody but Appears he was somewhat particularly replying Instagram comedian, Tolu Ogunmefun, whose most recent post shows a video of him saying he would go for an iphone 8 instead of pay his house rent.

Here is what he shared:

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