Angry Students of UNN Place ‘Pot of Juju’ in Front of Lecturer’s Office

Following mass failure of students in a department, some aggrieved students of Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics have taken a spiritual step.
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The pot of juju was placed in front of lecturer’s office
Some frustrated students of the Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, UNN, Enugu State, have taken an unpopular measure to deal with their lecturers who have been frustrating their lives by going spiritual.
The students and lecturers resumed academic activities this morning to meet an assorted charm placed in front of an office, with a list of the names of the lecturers who have been frustrating their lives. A note was also dropped with the statement: “Since una no wan make we go, una go DIE here with us.”
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The black magic pot had charms and broken eggs and was placed in the premises leading to the general office of the department.
Palm frond was also seen tied around the entrance leading to offices and lecture rooms. It was reported that the charm was dropped by students because of the excessive failure rate meted on them by the lecturers of the department especially on the present graduating students in which less than 30 of them reportedly graduated out of a class of 80 students.
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