Anger Management: Tips to Quenching Your Temper

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Like seriously, most people have really misunderstood the meaning of one having a temper (hot temper). When we say one is hot tempered, it doesn’t mean he or she gets angry quickly, as all humans do get angry as quick as they are been offended.

Referring to one as hot tempered, just simply means that they quickly react immediately after been offended (the key word here is the quick reaction) that’s why someone with such attitude is tagged hot tempered or better said- they got temper.

Controlling your Temper

The risk of not controlling your temper is not to be taking as it does more harm than good. The following ways highlighted below would keep you in charge, making you the master of your temper.


Silence is a very powerful tool used in controlling ones temper. It is as simple as – whenever been offended, keeping quiet and just working away. It could be difficult but I bet it’s gonna spare you some shit.


When offended by someone and after sticking to silence via working away, try giving yourself few minutes of reflection. Think about how others you’ve once offended feels, when that sense of guilt surrounds you, it becomes positive by giving you an idea of forgiveness, helping you to forgive who so ever offended you.

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Catch fun

When your minds has dimmed it fit to forgive and after truly forgiving that particular individual that got you upset, you have won a battle within the mind by quenching you temper. You know what you love best, go celebrate your victory, your joy is all that matters.

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