Anambra Will Have Int’l Airport Under My Presidency Says Atiku

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Anambra, Atiku, Presidency

Former Vice President of Nigeria and a frontline presidential aspirant in the forthcoming generally echoing under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has promised that his presidency would build an international airport in Anambra State.
He stated that the state deserved an international airport to ease the travels of the people of the state from one region to the other, especially considering strong economic endowments of the people of the state, adding that even in developed countries like America, there are international airports in the states.
Former Vice- president Atiku who was addressing the state delegates to coming PDP presidential congress yesterday in Awka, state capital, Atiku further stated that it is only by restructuring the country to accord each state autonomy so that they only make contributions to the Centre instead of the current situation where they depend on allocations from the federal government holds the key to the socio- economic and political advancement of the country.

Anambra, Atiku, Presidency
He decried the prevailing disunity in the country stating that under his presidency all the various critical components would be welded in such away that there would be no reason for the people to be seeking the disintegration of the country.
“Our country is on the crossed roads today, on the cross roads because I have never seen our country so divided as it is today, not even during and after the civil war that we have found the level of disunity in our country as we have now. And the reason is simply because we have a government that is insensitive to our diversity “, Atiku stated.
The frontline PDP presidential aspirant also told the Anambra delegates that he has solution to the current level of unemployment, adding that his administration would redress the prevailing socio-economic challenges in the country, as he lamented that the nation’s economy which the GDP according to him was growing at six percent was crashed into recession and is now at the bottom in Africa.
“I have been championing restructuring and its one thing we must do to give people the autonomy to govern themselves and develop themselves.
“We should have a situation where component units should contribute money to Abuja instead of going to Abuja to collect money. Every socio-economic indicator shows we are at the bottom.
“We must unite to make sure we dont vote for APC at all. This is a government we must remove next year because they dont know how to govern and they dont want to learn,” Atiku stated.
Earlier, the director -general of his campaign organisation, Chief Gbenga Daniel told the delegates not to make a mistake of picking another candidate because Atiku is the only candidate to turn the nation around.

Another member of the Atiku for presidency campaign organization, Chief Godsday Orubebe described Atiku as highly endowed to transform Nigeria adding that he commands large followership across the country “

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Also speaking, the PDP candidate during the last state gubernatorial poll, Mr. Oseloka Obaze stated that he is one of the frontline supporter of Atiku’s presidential ambition because he believed that with the wealth of experience he had garnered as a two times former Vice- president of this country he is greatly endowed to give the country a quality leadership.

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