African China Keeps His Wife Away From The Media Because of This

Popular singer, Chinagorom Onuoha, aka African China, has been around for a while. But not much is well known about his personal life. Many don’t even know if the “”No Condition is Permanent ” singer is married or not.

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Sunday Scoop can authoritatively reveal that African China is very much indeed married, though he is keeping the identity of his immediate family very near his chest.

Prodded to respond to why his wife stays beyond your country, he said,

“The reason many celebrity marriages fail is basically because the people involved often forget to leave their celebrity status away from door. There’s a lot of ego play which undermines relationships. I do not need my wife’s face to be every-where, then people would start to say a wide range. I am very sure that most people on the market don’t know very well what my wife appears like. We in the offing it from the onset that my partner and kids would stay outside the country, while I’d remain here to hustle. ”

On what he copes in her absence, he said,

“I simply review there to meet up her any time I miss her, or feel like seeing her. Though it may not be normally as I’d like but any time I’m free, I just travel without letting anybody know my movement. ”

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As a well-known face, it really is certain that a whole lot of ladies would want to be around him, so how does he cope? He said,

“ non-e of these girls know that I and my spouse live apart; I keep it low key. It’s just that you’re the one that would expose me now, of course, if I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t even understand. Whenever people ask me, I usually inform them that I’m living with my partner. ”

Speaking on his status in the market, he said,

“People accepted my last song, Letter to Mr President, with open arms. I only touch on love sporadically, but mostly I sing about things that are affecting people in the land. We need to tackle the issues on ground, or they would continually be there. No body is going to do it for us. And that’s why my fan base is unbeatable. They’ve been loyal since I came on the scene; there’s nothing you are able to do to chase them away. And that is why I hold my fans in high esteem.

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