Africans, Wake Up From Your Sleep

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Africa Wake Up From Your Sleeps

The world is moving faster than we can imagine tech wise, with lots of innovations around. Some being absolutely mind blowing and other over whelming.

Nigeria and Africa large is far behind. Awareness remains the key and this is the purpose of this piece,

Days are far gone when we go to computer centers to learn just how to work with ms-word and ms-excel. Much more are needed these days.

Days are far gone when you go to such centers to learn Auto-cad, solid-works and its likes, as coding – the language of the future is taking over.

Most countries whom understands the break which technology is making, has imposed on themselves a task to teaching younger generations the language of the future at a very tender age, while African’s are sleeping.

Wake up Africa……

We are far beyond just being a computer literate, as the world expects us to be programmers instead, for programming is the basic kit to be linked with our profession in solving problems surrounding us.

Parents wake up……..

I laugh when children demand parents to purchase computers for them and they give silly excuses, not minding the fact they’ve got money to purchase them. Such parent doesn’t understand or sees the direction which the world is driving to.

If jamb as an examination body didn’t change its test pattern to computer based, I doubt if most parents did allow their kids be exposed to computers.

Dear parents, soon you would see a seven year old child demanding you buy them a phone, and not just an ordinary phone but a smart one. Just as the generation is tagged as ‘jet’, so it flies as a jet (very  fast) tech-wise, with innovations of various kinds springing up and taking over the world.

From the top of my voice, I shout these words of mine, ‘never limit your kids, if you’ve got cash, buy those stuffs that could help them flow with technology – all you need do, is to guide them as such stuffs are been used. Let me give you a reason for my stance.

An illustration

A seven year old boy, already learning stuffs on robotics, was asked a very familiar question of what he did like take as a profession when as he grows older. His reply was to be an agricultural engineer. And when further asked the works of an agricultural engineer, he started by introducing the nature of his dads job.

‘My dad is a farmer; he has poultry where he goes to pick eggs daily. I want to design a mechanism that will help my dad in picking eggs daily, instead of him having to carry out that task all by himself’

How marvelous a seven year old thought. The basic reasons why he could think like that are drafted into two, firstly he was caught young as the bible says ‘catch them young, train a child the way he should grow and when he grows, he wouldn’t depart from it’. At a tender age of seven, he is been taught how robots operates……his thoughts at seven is already wide, geared by technological exposure, to think of such innovation.

What do you think his thoughts would look like when he turns fourteen? Of course things which will radiate off his minds would perfectly be un-imaginable, totally beyond that of the usual. All this as a result of proper guide and utilizing the skill of – catching them young.

Never feel your kid is too young for anything. When your kids start to talking, it’s a sign to you that they are ready to learn and understand anything. All you need do is following them up with the right model to guide them, that’s why they’ve got you as a parent around them.

Africa, wake up from your sleeps……

If you can’t catch them young, you can’t catch them no more and the more difficult it is to create an impact on earth.

Stay tuned…….to be continued



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Imaeruaka Joseph .N

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