Achievements – Your Worth, The Best Encouragement

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Looking closely at the title “Achievements – your worth, the best encouragement”, some many get a clear picture of what this post is all about but if you’ve got no idea, I urge you to read on.

Everyone tries to put effort daily in works one is into. Most times, after completing a serious task and attaining a particular height, we could be thrown of balance, considering the stance of others towards our achievements.

After reaching a height of success, which you think to be a great achievement personally, when you’ve got the wrong minds (negative people) around, they can set a big problem within your mind. I know this isn’t clear right! Let me explain further.

In life, there are always two set of people around you; those who would encourage you and those who would do just the opposite. When some feel you’re incompetent, others believe in you. It’s like a tour in life.

The kind of people around you, determines how far you can go when success is questioned.

If those negative minds surround you, they tend to weaken your dream actualization force, like virus over time. While if you are surrounded by the positive minded, they serve as sources of encouragement which helps you actualize your dreams even more quickly and effectively.

Most times, you can’t control the kind of minds which comes around you. So, you’re bound to meet both basically at all times.

Truly, blessed are those who meet more positive minded people, for the growth of their mindset remains healthy. On the other hand, when you’re always in contact with the negative minded, you see yourself struggling much.

It looks like, no one really cares, no one really value your struggles, no one appreciates your efforts etc.

These times can be so frustrating and has headed many into suicide. They make you feel you’re so incompetent doing what you love to, generating faults in all you have labored for.

Yes! It can be so over whelming, throwing you into thoughts that can bring you sickness and weaken your self-esteem. At these times, the only savior you’ve got is yourself.

You just have to withdraw into self, take a second look at your achievements, have a deep breath then encourage yourself perfectly to the best you can.

Let me leave you with two real life instances that got me…

Achievements – Your Worth, The Best Encouragement


I once wrote a book, my first book though. After editing, I published the book on Amazon. This feet achieved was indeed a tough one because it left me turning over one problem or another.

After publishing the book, I shared a link to the eBook to a white dude from USA. He condemned the book so much, giving it lots of down smacks.

Firstly, he told me that my book design was too unprofessional. He didn’t even consider that was my first publish. Next, he said the book description got lots of grammatical errors and so would be the content if he bought it. And lastly, he complained about the price been too expensive for a book 100+ pages.

I gave him a reply, telling him to be more specific, highlighting the grammatical error he noticed in the books’ description for correction purposes. And guess what? He was too lazy to do that but gained maximum joy condemning my work and effort.

To be sincere, his words got me thinking. It totally changed my mood that day. It had a big hit on me, depriving me from writing an article that day – meaning I lost money to his words.

I took a bold step the following day. After recalling a comment my friend once made on the same book. On seeing my book, he was like – “Joseph, how did you get your book published on Amazon? I have been trying to do same with no success yet. Please I did need your help when am ready to embark on that task once more.”

Then, I told myself the truth. If a computer geek like my friend hasn’t been able to attain such achievement like myself, I should be glad for this feet achieved.

I gave myself all encouragement I needed, recognizing the fact I was better than what people think of me. This single thought of mine got me back to my feet.


“When your level of hope increases, your light shines on”

-Imaeruaka N.J

Why i have continued to write


I fell in love with writing, far back in the days of my secondary school. SSS3 to be precise.


Why I did fall in love with writing was because I was taught how to write essay by a genius – Mrs. Helen, just in getting her students prepared for WAEC.


She did her job so well that I fell in love with writing. I needed to practice all the skills she had taught.


Secondly, I have continued to write, due to the role my elder sister – Mrs. Chizitere, played alongside Mrs. Helen.


After writing my first article as a young boy, I needed someone to go through it. So I handed it over to my sister.



She digested the piece so well and was also incredibly surprised I was actually the one who wrote it.


The encouragement I got from her that day, remained the oil that has continued to lubricate my writing skill…that article soon turned into a book.


Oh! I didn’t tell you…


After my first article, I recognized myself more as a writer, knowing the fact that i have got something within. At the end of the article, i gave myself the nick name – INBUILT WISDOM. A nickname my sister confirmed, as she saw a brother radiating wisdom.


So in life, I did encourage all to play the role of Mrs. Helen or Mrs.Chizitere.


Teach others well, when you are called to do that. Just like Mrs. Helen. You might probably help one recognize his or her talent.


Also, do well to encourage others on seeing their jobs or try-hand; you would be building a bright future. These little things go beyond our imaginations…


Be the reason of one’s growth and never the reason of a downfall..

Love you….

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Imaeruaka Joseph .N

Imaeruaka Joseph .N

I believe in sharing wisdom with others. Utilizing life to its maximum and blogging is a call for me . Who is Imaeruaka Joseph? Imaeruaka Joseph also known as Inbuilt-Wisdom JIN, is an indigen of Amesi town, in Aguata local government area, Anambra state. Skills? 1. Copy writer (specialty; sales copy) Currently works with Sky blazer ventures, Niger standard industry ltd, Azodo fish farm. 2. Content creator (short stories, articles, memes and poems) Currently works with Andora Novella, Tis foundation and Medium. 3. Author at Amazon (kindle direct publish) Imaeruaka Joseph up to date has six books published on Amazon. -Marriage forum -Wisdom from its inbuilt -The Compile -Did i have sex? - a memoir -Maintenance of some basic electrical components -The poem stream. Reach out to me via email, [email protected]

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