Access Bank PITCH-A-TON 2019 Business Grant Women Program

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Access Bank PITCH-A-TON 2019: Womenpreneur NG
Access Bank PITCH-A-TON 2019: Womenpreneur NG
Access Bank PITCH-A-TON 2019:[/caption]

In 2006, Access Bank began a journey into the world of women and Banking on Women. After working through the Gender Empowerment Movement to invest in women for 8 years, the program evolved into a robust plan to provide women with banking solutions that meet their diverse career and lifestyle requirements named The ‘W’ Initiative.

The “W” is not a product, rather it is a blend of existing banking products and services bundled to effectively meet the present-day financial and lifestyle needs of women in identified sub-segments, as well as provide them with a complete and rewarding banking experience. The W, based on peculiarities and lifestyle classification, is segmented into the following;

  • Young Professional
  • W and Family
  • W in business
  • MHSS – Maternal Health Service Support

Requirements for Access Bank PITCH-A-TON 2019:

  • Are you a woman who owns and runs her business?
  • Is your business innovative?
  • Do you need a grant to expand your business?
  • What about some expert training to help grow your business?

Benefits of the Program:

a. First prize is N5 million naira
b.Second prize is N3 million naira
c.Third prize is N1 million naira
d.The top 50 applicants will receive a 2 weeks mini MBA training from the International Finance Corporation.

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The training will take place in Lagos. All successful applicants will be responsible for their transportation and logistics to the training venue.

The Application process


Fill out the online application.

Fill out your personal and business details correctly

Fill out a brief description of your business.

Complete your registration and await the invitation to upload your video(only successful applicants will be invited to upload their videos)

Stage2: Your business in 60 seconds

Tell us about your business in 60 seconds.

Create a 60-second video with clear audio about your business using a video camera or a phone. Click the upload button afterwards to upload your pitch video.


You may be one of the top 50 applicants to be invited to the mini MBA from the International Finance Corporation.

For further enquiries, please email [email protected] or call 012712005-7, 07003000000

For More Information:
Read more about the Programme here

Make Money With WahClass

Application Deadline: August 9th 2019

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