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A Call For All – Catch Them Young

There exist a powerful clause which stands as an order, giving to humans for a better life, which majority has failed to adhere to. The devil has illustrated his wisdom by keeping to such an order, yet many ignore. He understands the result that can be gotten from sticking to such an order.

Why pondering about the failure of humans to obey such a vital order, may i introduce you to the clause housing such an order with all emphasis placed on.

Once upon a time, it was told to man to ‘catch them young’,while refering to their children. I tell you, lots of parents don’t understand the meaning of these words, let alone practice them.

This piece narrow down to educating you on what these words truly means. Also, it covers various means through which they could be practice. It is often said, ‘train a child through a right way and when he or she grows, will not depart from it’.

This order of ‘catch them young’ has been utilized more in the western world than in Africa. How do you catch them young? becomes a question that troubles the mind with all seriousness.

To do that, it takes focus, lots of observation, exposure to various life styles and fields of life, flexibility, trust, encouragement, dumping down-grading feel, love, help. All these, channelled to a child as he or she grows.

Focus: Here i mean, a greater percentage of your attention must be dedicated to your child, recalling always they are tomorrow’s leaders, putting all effort to shone wrongs and promote rights.


With more focus, you can observe perfectly well, getting results like you perfectly understand the system(your child).

Exposure To Various Styles And Field Of Life

Kids are meant to be expose greatly more than any set of beings, don’t be decieved. This exposure to certain life style/fields helps you to tell what such a child’s talent can be.

‘early to bed, early to rise’, so also early discovery of ones talent leads to early ripping of its fruit.

– Imaeruaka N.J.

The sooner you help your children discover their talents, the earlier and better it is, to start investing in them.

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The foundation of love must be solid, this known as trust. When your kids trust you, love sets in and your communication with them tends to yield better fruit.

Dumping Downgrading Feel

This has been the fall of many. Never look down on anyone, not even your kids, no matter how small they are. Instead, believe in them, encourage and support them.

Do you know a child can be made to speak about ten different languages, while he or she is between ages 2 – 6, better than when they are above seven years of age?
So too, they could learn any skill, if adequately moduled to fit their age frame.

But not withstanding, many chose to waste such God given fruitful age range, owing to the fact that parents give a silly excuse of ‘thay are still too young for this or that’. Recall it’s been said, ‘catch them young’.

The Mega Illustration

Lets take a quick survey through some fields, appreciating our focus key words.

The Music Industry: Do you remember a music icon known as Micheal Jackson? He started singing/dancing at a very tender age. At age five, he was already a star. Before age fifteen, he was a professional already in the business. While his fellow age mates where still been forced to learn peoms and study various stuffs written by others. Time been wasted with nothing acheived.

Sports : During the days of old, you must be at least eighteen years of age before been allowed to participate in various sport competitions.

Currently, the sport industry has bought that useful idea of ‘catching them young’. Most players today started playing from ages 4 – 6. Probably, before getting to 17years of age, they are already crowned as the world best player for the year. This acheived due to the order they all did adhere to.

All known field that has progressed over time has always been backed by that single order, which is also a secret every parent needs to work on.

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You need to have a re-think of how your children spend their time (leisure), including their holidays and breaks. The question at your heart should always be – is this break or holiday a fruitful one to my kids or not? or do they while away time just like other kids?

What You Should Know And Do

Raising kids isn’t an easy job to do but you did be grateful when this job is done perfectly well. While your children grow, just as soon as they start talking, your aim should be to helping them out in identifying the talent\talents they posses. Just before they get to age four.

If you can successfully do that, then the sky is the starting point for that kid of yours. Never feel they are too young to start working on their talents instead, expose them to various stuffs that can help in developing their talent.

A Perfect Illustration

I wish to make some illustrations/examples to further clarify my view.

Imagine i got a kid of age three, who loves dancing. If i can be so sensitive to find out that he or she got dancing in born, it won’t cost me much to buy some disc, preferably that of video clips, which contains various dancing shows/competitions.

Having a collection of that at home for my child will expose hi or her, as they learn unconsiously while watching such videos how to perfect their dance steps. It also creates a flexibility of the mind which will end up yielding the introduction of new dance steps for the world.

To further better the rate at which they learn and adapt to such freestyles, whenever you come across them putting efforts to mastering a dance step, boost their moral and zeal by encouraging them instead of shonning them or putting forth other negative reactions.

A little trick of dancing with them for some moments and providing an environment for hope, quick inspires their minds, surprisingly bringing out the best in them – they all need that positive drive to do what they love doing.

Pardon me here, Most times, i laugh at parents who engage their children in holiday lessons. Do you think such lessons are necessary? Of course not, its all a waste of time.

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If i got a child who would like to be a programmer, instead of letting him or her out for a lesson (holiday) to be taught the same scheme of work he or she did be taught when they return to school, i mean the same bla bla bla. I rather choose to enroll them for a computer training session, where they can learn the basics of programming.

Utilize their holidays by placing them in a field you know for sure they did end up. Time management the watch word here. The basic reason for going to school remains to learn how to read and write.

Regular exposure of your kids to various fields you think they did end up helps a lot, for that’s only when you can really tell if they love what they do or not.

You should note that the more interested they are in sometging, the greater the virtue of patience in them increase, to concer any challenge wanting to block their ways towards success.


To heal the world, making it a better place, we all need to correct the error we all made from the basic unit of the society which is the family.

If all can recognise their talent on time, putting all they’ve got to perfect them. Earth returns to its most preferred setting, which will quickly heal earth making it a better place.

Don’t be deceived by anyone, just follow that simple order from above, for its completeness are beyond man, just like the saying goes, ‘make hay while the sun’s out’.

They left you young, never leave your children same way, catch them young, so we all can seat down and boast of a better tomorrow world wide.


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