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A Better Community Starts from the Family

The definition of family as the smallest basic unit of the society, is a short definition but houses all completeness.

If a society be better, its origin must come from the family.

Lots of errors seen in our society today are results of that made within our families. Of course, if a weed did be up rooted, its root should be more focused on. So it is to our world today, as eradicating various faults of the society, the family should have a higher piriority.

Hello, that’s by the way.

Life was made to be much more easier and comfortable to all but men has made it more difficult and complicated, simply by loosing track of what life is all about.

God created earth with lots of laws guiding it, which man must often play by, to achieve a well-living place for all.

Surprisingly, about ninty percentage of the worlds population tends to involve self with lots of activities/characters in making life difficut, more harmful and partial.

Basic Illustration

In a family, with all efforts on desk by parents to raise their children rightly, just as growth takes place, there is a God factor that plays in their lives.

Lets’ say in a family of six (bearing four kids) God wishing to show more love, decides to bless one or two amongst the children with wealth, just as growth holds firm. Recall – He shows mercy to those he pleases. It could be the child with the worst character or that with a better one.

Once such a gift of wealth or ang gift at all is brought to the family, it is the duty of such gift bearer to let the light up – shining amongst others in the family.


When such gift bearer finds love with his gift by letting it shine amongst his siblings – the society receiving its first aid.

Just like a palm tree, whose product and by products remains useful. So, such an act of utilizing Gods gift in helping your siblings remains productive for life.

God making you a millioniare, you helping your brothers become millioniares, your efforts and that of your siblings towards making your extended family members millioniares etc. So the chain continues, with wealth distributing amongst all. Until the entire linage, village, town, state and country gets covered.

This societal healing is possible only when the family is re-orentated, while brotherly love remains the key above all.

When this is achieved, we remain unfallable. God has given us wisdom. So be wise.


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