9 Side Hustle to Make Money from The World Cup

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The 21st edition of the biggest sports festival in the world, the FIFA World Cup kicked off on Thursday, June 14, 2018, in Moscow, Russia. While the festival is a highly intriguing and fascinating one, let’s take a moment to forget about golden balls, golden boots and focus on the golden opportunity this event presents for your business to make more money or begin your sojourn to raking in all the profits.

Here is a quick list of things you can engage in during this period of the World cup that will sure get you some cash:

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1. Place a Bet:

Sport betting is a multi-million industry and can literally turn you into an overnight millionaire. You can stake on the possible outcomes of a match and in about 90 minutes you could earn some cool cash. Albeit, sport betting is not the most ideal method of earning money so you should always stake only the amount of money you can afford to lose.

2. Graphic designs

During the period of the world cup, a lot of businesses will want to revamp their social media pages, websites, banners to fit into world cup theme. If you are skilled in graphic design, you can market your skills in this respect.

3. Customised football jerseys

The demand for customised football jerseys and general sportswear are sure to skyrocket during the world cup. Fans will always appreciate and request for different country jerseys that has their names behind it. To start this business you will need to have good graphics design skills and a business network that can help you access quality jerseys at affordable price.

4. Sports bar business/Viewing centres

A lot of people believe that it is more enjoyable to watch a football match in the midst of people than to watch it alone at home. You can start a sports bar where people can come and watch the game with other people and thus feel the real excitement of the game. You can either charge a fee for this or require that they get a bottle of drink before they are allowed in.

5. Start a Sports Magazine or Newspaper

If you are a trained journalist, one of the businesses that you can decide to start is a sports magazine or sports newspaper. If you can’t manage the cost implications of this, then you can render daily/weekly opinion under magazine/newspaper and charge for it. The percentage of people who read sports news and buy sports-related news are more and they are enough to help your business breakeven no matter the parts of the world that you are located in.

6. Become a Sports Blogger

Setting up a blog as your sports business requires basically zero capital. You can open a free WordPress account and blog about the matches of the day and things to look out for. In-depth and consistency will position your blog in a good place.

7. Start a Sports Betting Website

Sports betting websites are on the increase and this is a perfect opportunity if you have interest in the area. Although requires quite a huge capital base, you’ll favourably compete if the odds your platform offers are well attractive.

8. Develop Sports Apps

Building mobile sports apps is another big business for you this season. Remember that the most popular apps are easy to use. Make it easy to use, and design an interface that is attractive with a seamless user experience and you will soon be raking in all the profits from ads and other channels.

9. Merchandise

Themed gears, footballs, hats, t-shirts, kit, soccer jerseys, glasses, national flags among other such items can be really profitable during the world cup.


In conclusion, you should try as much as possible to aggressively promote all the initiatives you may have for the world cup so as to expose your business to the maximum amount of audience. However, in your marketing campaign, you should do well to abide by the FIFA World cup marketing guide for 2018. The official marks, logo, mascot are protected by copyright and trademarked in Russia and territories around the world. The official font is protected by copyright and design (These should not be used together with or in close proximity to a company logo or commercial reference.

Remember that your business is not too small to be affected by litigation issues, neither are you too far in this digital age of doing business. Please seek legal advice before embarking on any promotional strategy regarding the event.

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Credits: Raheem Roqeeb.

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