7 Things You Need to Know about Gucci Master Hushpuppi

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Ray Hushpuppi is best known for his luxurious lifestyle he lives both home and abroad which has severally prompted a vast inquiry into his source of income.

Stargist.com presents 7 things you probably didn’t know about the flamboyant man.

1. Hushpuppi whose real name is Raymond Igbalodely was born on June 14.

2. The famous Malaysian-based philanthropist also referred to as Aja 4 and Aja Puppi once revealed that he used to be a heavy gambler.

3. It is difficult to accurately calculate the net worth of this man. But his usage of such expensive cars as Rolls Royce and Range Rover suggests that he is able to afford the best.

4. Ray is a lover of Gucci’s clothes and shoes, and he can cartainly afford them.

5. He was once spotted at the Naomi Campbell‘s ‘Fashion for Relief’ charity event, hanging out with a number of big celebrities.

6. He has two children, a boy and a girl from two different women.

7.  He is one of the individuals that musician, 9ice, mentioned in his controversial hit song ‘Living Things’ which was widely believed as promoting internet fraud(sters) in Nigeria.

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Living the good life
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As a loyal Gucci customer, they gave him a cake on his birthday
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A man never has too many shoes
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With his daughter on her 8th birthday
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