7 Reasons Why Davido Seems Better Than Wizkid

Davido, Wizkid

Just as arguments surrounds star football player Messi and Ronaldo on who got a better talent or plays more, so also a similar argument arises between music artist Davido and Wizkid.


Of course they both got this musical talent in-born and are performing greatly. But that doesn’t mean they are of same ranking, as one is a better musician when compared to the other.


Here Are The Reasons Why Davido Is Better Than Wizkid

Davido has proved himself better than Wizkid severally and here are the reasons we think won him that ground.

Davido, Wizkid

Song writing: Although both musicians writes their songs but in most cases, wizkid has accused Davido severally, with insults that he got people writing him songs.

Yes! That’s true but it only proofs that Davido got this ability of transforming a non professional lyrics into a profession one, which at the long run, got people rocking to the beat. Such quality as a musician Wizkid lacks.

Helping hands: I need not tell you that people tend to love a heart that gives freely. Davido has such heart and as such helps fans a lot. Especially for those who can write song lyrics but can’t sing, he does them a favor of buying them – restoring smiles to their faces.

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Success Train: Davido is indeed a success train. Never minding his dad’s status, he still got the hustle on to build his own dreams. Such attitude is rare of its kinds, as majority will stick to leveraging on already made cash by their dad.  I doubt if Wizkid will take such part if they shared same shoes.

Dressing: When a classic man is out, his outfit catches all eyes – that Davido attains always. Without doubt and from numerous displayed photos on the net, you know Davido dress better than Wizkid.

Stature: OBO – Davido baba, plays football oooooo and the guy is good at that with an average guy’s height that got all girls tripping. Well, I need not tell you that nature cheated Wizkid. So how we go do nah.

Cuteness: Davido has got lots of girls commenting about his sexy looks and to top it all, he got this charming dimples attached to his face. O mo!!! The guy is far from ‘na money make me fine’ for he is naturally cute. But on the other hand, if not for cash, I think wizkid did be something else.

Personality: When you pick out about ten girls and offer them a vacation with either Davido or Wizkid, a greater number did prefer to stay with Davido. As they know he got a better control of that action thing…LOL!!!

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This two talents are great indeed but Davido remains better when compared to Wizkid……doubt no more.

Feel free to share your view through the comment box.

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