6 Steps to Starting Up a Pizza Shop in Nigeria

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Starting up a pizza shop

The food industry in Nigeria is a fast growing one because of the high demands by the populace and the ever increasing need to meet those needs. Because of the need for variety, pizza, sharwarma and other dishes (which fall within the category of fast foods) are now popular foods common within Nigeria. The need to open a pizzeria or a pizza shop therefore becomes necessary if you want to invest in this lucrative dish. This article will therefore enlighten you on the necessary steps you must take if you want to start up a pizzeria in Nigeria.



Before launching your business into the market it is pertinent to know who your competitors are and their areas of coverage. This will probably be the toughest step to take but you not lose sight of your dreams and the success which lies ahead. Go out; taste other pizzas within the vicinity and know what you can do to improve yours; look at the ordering and delivery system as well as the brand packaging; check the staff strength and area of coverage. You can achieve this by drawing up a feasibility report. If you can’t do it on your own, there are experts in that field who will be glad to offer their services


With the pieces of information gathered above, you need to draw up a business plan. This involves taking a critical decision on the type and style of pizza you want to bring into the market by creating the perfect recipe. You must ensure that your brand has a quality that will attract people so that yours will stand out.

Always remember that people have been eating pizza before you came into the market as such, your product should be such that people would eat and come back for more. You will also make other important decisions like; your mission and objective, location, brand name, logo, whether to buy into an existing franchise or start up your own, the type of services you want to offer etc. In all, you have to make yourself look good in paper first.


Opening a pizzeria is usually expensive as such you may give up because of the financial implications. After drawing up your business plan, it is necessary to draw up a financial plan. You will put several things into consideration such as; cost of acquiring a location, registration (and other legal documentations), cost of equipments and utensils, cost of daily production, staff wage-structure, security, advertisements and so on.

If you cannot afford to bear this cost, there are several options open to you. First, you can obtain a loan from a bank using your business plan. Second, you can partner with an entrepreneur who has the financial strength. Third, you can seek financial backings form family members, friends or from your personal savings.


After ensuring the financial security of the business enterprise, the next thing is to pick a location which will be appeal even to your prospective clientele. The choice of location should be within a vicinity at the centre of your area of coverage or probably accessible by those within that area. Also take note that your place of business should be such that is within your budget. You have two choices; rent a place or buy one. Either ways, ensure that the place is furnished to taste. Also ensure that your site complies with the stipulated structural and health requirements by the registration bodies such as NAFDAC and the local safety inspectors.


This is an essential part of your start up which precedes picking a site. Once you finalize the documentation of your lease agreement (or purchase agreement in case you intend to buy the place), there is need to purchase the necessary kitchen equipments (I will refer you back to your business plan). Also, you need to employ staff members are well equipped in human resources management (you will understand better when you get ‘shouting’ or ‘rude’ clients with enough dough to lavish on you). The kitchen crew should be adequately trained to meet the clients’ demands at all times. You also need 24/7 customer service that can take the orders of clients via telephone or internet and an efficient delivery staff. More importantly, create a menu that shows the assorted pizzas your pizzeria has to offer. Also check the possible means of payment such as; pay on delivery, over-the-counter payment, or via mobile banking. Check with your business plan and make sure that what looks good in paper is now a reality.


As innocuous as it may sound, this is where most start ups fail. Promoting your business is an essential way to ensure that your shop stays competitive in the market. You could start with a grand opening by inviting your friends, dignitaries or even members of the public. Give out free cuts of pizza or offer what’s on the menu at a mouth-watering discount. Make such you have a conspicuous billboard that is very catchy. Also open social media business pages that can also serve as a means of ordering pizza.


With the above tips, your shop is as good as open. The bottom line is; it’s always easy to open up a pizzeria but difficult to maintain one. The secret to maintaining it will be to have a cash reserve which you can use to keep running the enterprise until you build a solid client-based shop that can independently run on its own.

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1 year ago

Thanks. This is nice.
Planning on opening a pizza shop soon.

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