5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Unavoidably Fought In Public

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Nigerian celebrities are definitely well-loved by people and that is why they are usually trapped by ‘strange’ fans and well-wishers every time they step out in public areas.

It is a fact that some followers can be somewhat unruly and overzealous if he or she meet these types of stars plus some celebrities may not hesitate to place them within their place.

Millitime Collection presents to you Nigerian celebrities who got unruly in public. [See also 7 Nigerian Entertainers Who Broke The Guiness World Records]

1. Wizkid


Despite his baby face, Wizkid has a brutal temper. Having been, once reported, to have tossed his drink in the face of admirer who had contacted him within a London golf club and was also reported to have broken a bottle on Dammy Krane’s head at Quilox night club sometime ago.

Lately, he was inside the news once again for slapping a guy who also took photos of him in the team.

2. Davido

Davido Fight

Davido is recognized to many as someone who might get violent in the slightest excitation as he continues to be involved in several altercations with members of the public. Having been said to have beaten a great elderly taxi driver to stupor a few years ago after the cabbie made the mistake of bringing among Davido’s female friends to a resort where Davido was already stuck with an additional girl.

Just lately, he had a battle backstage with Iceprince which allegedly resulted in the damage of equipment.

3. Seyi Law

Seyi Law

The black-skinned comedian is known to “change am” for anyone that comes at him. He allegedly landed a heavy slap on a protection official at the Eko Resorts and Rooms after Kiss Daniels’ ‘New Era’ recording launch and the security guy’s crime was telling Seyi that there was clearly an alternative path he can take to drive out from the hotel. Seyi was reported to have angrily gotten away of his car and slapped the hapless valet 3 times.
Seyi Law later on took to his Instagram web page to apologise for his unruly behaviour, and also stated his personal side of the story.
This individual alleged the security personnel was rude to him, yet accepted that it didnt suffuciently justify his actions.

4. Oritse Femi

Oritse Femi

Oritsefemi was reported to have involved a bouncer Iliasu within an injurious battle at a popular club in Lagos which in turn left both of them hospitalised.

After the incident, this individual has apologized to his fans, the battered bouncer, and the owner of the club where the incident occurred.


5. Ikechukwu


A combat broke out between Nigerian artist, Ikechukwu and a bouncer at the Rehabilitation Club not really too far away from venue of the 2010 MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) some hours after the award event. The fight was between Ikechukwu and some bouncers at the club who will not let him in, the bouncers had previously let in Naeto C and Sauce kid. Ikechukwu allegedly took off his shirt and beat up the bouncer sometime later he confirmed the rumour on twitter.

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