6 Ideas To Earn Some More Money on the Side

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With the existing cash crunch in Nigeria, every avenue to raise money should be exploited judiciously for the intended purpose of survival.

6 Business Ideas To Earn Some More Money on the Side

Whether you’re students or working a 9-5 job, there are numerous ways to make some more money on the side. You merely need to know them and be prepared to give the required effort and commitment to making them work for you. Jumia Travel, the key online travel agency, shares 6 ideas to earn even more money privately.


When you have a specific skill-set with sufficient knowledge and experience, you are able to leverage onto it and create a lucrative side business on consulting/coaching that’s quite easy and affordable to start out. It can involve giving advice to a start-ups on how best to build their public image, assisting start-ups with social media and SEO work and so on The best element of this business is you could build it to fit your schedule and leisure time.

Freelance Work

This is yet another flexible side business that doesn’t need long-term commitments. You can also adapt this kind of business to fit your schedule and spare time. Becoming a freelancer can involve writing content for businesses, doing content marketing for start-ups and doing design work for businesses, that may include graphic designs, web designs, logo designs and so forth It really depends upon your talent, skill-set and interests. The very best part of that is that there is a reasonably popular for freelancers especially in the area of content marketing, social media marketing and design work.

Leverage On your own Vehicle

When you yourself have a vehicle, you are able to cash in on it by registering with Uber or Taxify or both. The best part about this is that you can keep your keys by learning to be a driver on the platform or hire someone to drive the car on the platform for you.

But when considering this program as a means to making some extra money, you ought to be sure that you are content with the rate of depreciation of your vehicle (because it’ll definitely be higher). You additionally have to consider the cost of financing the car and other maintenance costs.

Produce Crafts

If you’re good with your hands, are creative and want to create crafts and design work, you should use the talent to create jewelry, clothing, furniture or accessories, and can sell them to create some decent money quietly. The advent of social networking has made marketing your craft work and designs much easier, as you can benefit from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online shopping platforms like Jumia mall, to put your projects out there and obtain it sold.


If you have good photography skills, you can purchase a camera and begin doing photography jobs privately. Photography is currently big business, if you learn how to exploit it, and you can take up a very decent side business from it. However , in the photography business, it is advisable to carve a distinct segment for your self. Don’t be considered a jack-of-all-trades and master of non-e, you are unlikely to get positive recognition and referrals that way. You are able to specialize in weddings, capturing landscapes, taking fashion pictures and so on You can also sell some of your pictures to sites like Shutterstock.

Modeling or Voice-Over Work

Modeling is not about having the perfect body and walking on the runway, there are different facets of modeling. You can be a body model, hand model, leg model or even a face model, and earn some decent money from it. If you are excellent at it, there is a chance that you get more recognition, as well as attain some sort of ‘celebrity status’ from it, which obviously means additional money for you.

For the voice-over work, when you have a voice that’s ideal for voice-overs and also you have some broadcast experience, you can generate some extra cash by doing voice-over work for ad agencies, broadcasting houses and so forth

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