6 Hard Lessons That Coronavirus Has Taught The World

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6 Hard Lessons That Coronavirus Has Taught The World

It’s no longer news that the Coronavirus pandemic is sweeping across nations and forcing economies
into a downward spiral. What is not yet certain is the proven method of combating this surge.
However, as the battle continues, here are 6 valuable lessons to learn from the outbreak:

1. Global medical preparedness

It may surprise you that this is not the first global pandemic that the world has encountered. Since the 1918 flu outbreak, also known as the Spanish flu that infected over 500 million people which is a quarter of the entire word population at that time, the world has never experienced an outbreak as threatening as the current case of the Coronavirus. So it is fairly understandable why the COVID-19 was able to take the world by

When countries make their yearly budgets, a lot of fund is invested in security(via the Millitary), education and job
creation but close to little is set aside for Rapid Response to Disease Outbreak. This is why countries
are still fighting to raise fund for research into finding a vaccine for COVID-19 . Going forward,
countries would know better than overlooking the health sector.

2. Negligence is Suicidal

When the pathogen first broke out in China, Chinese scientists and medical experts tried to warn the entire world about the dangers posed by the virus but little attention was given their warning. Some governments even referred to the disease as the ‘Chinese virus’ as if it were specific to China and the rest of the world was immune. Few countries that heeded the warning (Singapore being one of them) are able to contain the outbreak. Today, China which first suffered the outbreak is already on the recovery footing.

3. Being honest with the public

Some countries, being afraid it could breed fear and a ‘necessary’ panic in the minds of the citizens, first tried to hide the dangers posed by the disease until it got out of hand. This is a consequence, became a lesson that was learnt the hard way.

4. Educating the public

Telling the citizens the truth is not usually enough. The government and the sectors responsible failed significantly in their primary duty of educating the public on the measures to take towards preventing the disease until it became somewhat late, hence people who first contracted the disease passed it to their unsuspecting friends, colleagues and travel-mates. People were also forced into panic buying and stockpiling of things they may not
need and self medication which resulted into harmful drug after effects.

5. Collaboration between government and the citizens

The government sometimes find it difficult to handle or contain outbreaks especially when it has to enforce emergency laws like curfews, sit at homes and social distancing which could affect the lifestyle of the citizens. The citizens has learnt the hard way to work together with the government to ensure a safer environment.

6. Health is wealth

This saying is never truer than now. With the health of the world swinging like a pendulum, the wealth/economies of nations and individuals is also being threatened. Nations like Italy and Russia are in a total lockdown. Football is globally suspended and players wages is piling up whereas match day revenue is not coming. Football clubs and owners are on the paths of potential bankruptcy. This wouldn’t have been the case if the world is healthy and free of the Coronavirus.

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