6 Fruits that Spells a Healthy and Glowing Skin for You

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As much as there are dead skin cells on the skin there are also living ones. Living skin cells flourish when they are visited with healthy foods and most especially water. Taking fruits often satisfies your skin with all the essential substances it needs to look better.

6 Fruits that Spells a Healthy and Glowing Skin for You

Listed below are six fruits that are known for their benefits on the skin. Fruits with vitamin A, antioxidants and also vitamins C and E and very skin friendly;


Mangoes are known for their ability to contain vitamin C and A, and have additional helpful nutrients. Mangoes have all the supplements ready to react with your body cells and in addition, they help the digestion process become easy hence reducing constipation.

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Papaya contains antioxidants that help to cleanse the skin clearing off dead cells, acne and opening up the pores. It also helps eliminate the dark circles forming around the eyes making you look elderly. Consumption of papaya will not allow any formation of wrinkles making you maintain a glowing and healthy skin.


You might be thinking that tomato is just a vegetable but it is among the juiciest fruits you ever knew. Make tomato consumption your daily habit and you will realize that you have a very healthy and glowing skin free from facial wrinkles after a short period. Tomatoes are easily available and affordable hence you do not have to complain that you cannot afford them. Take advantage of then being cheap and achieve your healthy and glowing skin.


It is a very delicious fruit rich in copper and vitamin E that helps to keep your skin all glowing and healthy, Fresh pear has the ability to reduce pain in a stomach and you forget completely that you really had a stomach ache. It is also a way of killing thirst brought about by the hot sun.


They are rich in fiber and folic acid which help to brighten the skin from dull skin and facial wrinkles formed on the skin. You are able to eliminate them within a short period after you start consumption. Seek for them in the market and you will be grateful of how awesome they will make you look.


Apples are great sources of dietary fiber and have the ability to reduce cancer. In addition, apples are great in skin treatment hence able to reduce dark circles under the eyes and any other source of acne. It clears blackheads, uneven skin, sunburns and skin dullness.

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Make sure that you consume fruits daily to keep the skin always healthy, smooth, hydrated and beautiful. A fruit a day keeps the doctor away, this quote makes it a prove that fruits boost immunity making the body have lower risk to disease. Fruits consumption also helps in digestion reducing constipation and stabilizing blood pressure. Other fruits such as oranges help to reduce the level of diabetes hence recommended for those diabetic patients.

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