5 Steps to Putting Your Business on The Map With Google

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google my business
google my business
Putting your business on the map with Google[/caption]

The primary purpose of every business is to make profit. In order to do this, you have to first ensure that what you have is really what your target audience really needs. But happens when you have the spec but audience does not know how to reach you?

Gone at the days when entrepreneurs wait for a stroke of luck (or probably connections too) to succeed in their business. In the modern era, every entrepreneur is looking for a way to market his business online. Well, this seems to be a good and acceptable idea too but do you know that it is possible to place your business on the map so that a vast number of clienteles within your vicinity and beyond can locate you? I know that’s a lot to take in now but look at the prospect of making some extra cash just because your business is on Google Map. The intriguing part is; it’s free! So in this guide, I will briefly show you the basic steps to putting your business on the map with Google.  
  1. GO TO Google My Business

If you desire to be found my prospective clients, you need to take the bold step to open the Google My Business page and click on the Get on Google icon.  
  1. Check your business listing

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Once you get into the page, do a preliminary search to see if your business is listed. This you will do by typing your business name and address in the Search Box. If your business is already listed, the site will show you the suggestions but if not, you go to Step 3.  
  1. Add your business

  If your business is a novel one or the locality of operating the business is not on Google Map, this is a time to put it on the map by clicking the Add Your Business icon. Here you would be required to fill in basic info about the business. Note that; this is the time to determine how you want your business name, the address, and contact number to appear on the map. Please be honest, accurate and specific with the details you provide to enable Google display your business listing correctly.   
  1. Wait for verification

  Voila! You’re not done yet but you can take a glass of juice and wait for Google to verify the location of your business placement. This may take about 7-14 days but I believe it’s worth the wait. Furthermore, after the successful verification, you will receive a postcard with verification PIN either by email, text message or via phone call. Use the verification PIN within 30 days to complete your listing.   
  1. Set up a Google Business Page

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Before you can set up your Google Page, you need to confirm your business on the site first. Do the needful by putting in required info and you are good to go! Don’t forget to prioritize you Business Page on the Local Search Optimization so that your business listing can come up once someone is looking for that listing within the locality. With this, you have definitely sent a signal to the world that your business is open for business. This could be all the marketing you need and within a short time, you hope the calls come rolling in from customers. If you want to put direction of your business location on Google, simply look for a Traffic or Landmark close and embed it. People who want to have physical contact with you will be able to locate you. Official Link of Google My Business Page

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