4 Important Things You Can Do Yourself Without Middle Men

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As we advance in age, with an aim at heart in making life easy, there are four things made available which one can do now without a middle man in Nigeria. Recall that many years ago, you would spend tons of Naira, also waiting for months for these things to be done.

This post is actually referring to the short means devised in getting some documents which we long waited for back then, as technology is getting all aspect of life covered. Below are the lists of these documents;

  1. Company Registration: You can now register your business with CAC officially online and go collect your certificate in a few days. You can start by going to; http://new.cac.gov.ng/home/ and following through.
    how to register your company

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  2. International Passport: You can now complete your forms and even make payments for your international passports from many countries in the world. After you obtain your confirmation of payment (online), you can head to any immigration office or Nigeria embassy abroad and do your biometric capture. You will be notified when to come for your passport. All these without any middle men or special connections. Go to https://www.immigration.gov.ng/ to start the process.
    how to register for an international password
    immigration service

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  3. National Identity Card : You can do your pre-enrollment online, print out your acknowledgement and go to any NIMC office and do your biometric capture. You will be issued with a NIN (National Identification Number) instantly and a print-out that you can use in any transaction that requires a personal identification. You will also be notified later when the physical National ID card is ready for pick—up. Go to https://www.nimc.gov.ng/ to start this process.
    how to register for national ID Card online

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  4. Drivers License: You can now renew your driver’s license online. Go to the link below and follow the instructions, pay online, print your acknowledgement and you will be notified when to come pick up the physical license. You can use the acknowledgement anytime your license if required by any authority up till your license is ready for pick up. Go to https://www.nigeriadriverslicence.org/ to commence the renewal process.

    how to register and get your drivers licence
    drivers licence

Information is indeed power; hope this post was really helpful to you. Feel free to use the comment box, if you need to ask a question or add to the topic discussed.


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