4 Common Lies People Tell about their Sexuality

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4 Common Lies People Tell about their Sexuality

Honestly, a lot of us fib and lie quite a bit with regards to describing our sexual prowess to our friends or partners. It is a lot more so when you under perform after bragging pre-sex to your lover of how good you are during sex. We blame a lot of things from an increased carbohydrate and mineralised drinks intake to how stress comes with an untoward effect on our capability to deliver between the sheets. These lies may do little if any harm but nonetheless shouldn’t be told because a lie remains a lie.

More over, some partners may find such lies appalling which may offer you a bad name and eventually lead to the finish of the partnership.
A recent survey by DirectTV found out that folks tend to view lies told regarding sex as the worst and hurtful type of lies to tell. The study had about 2, 000 respondents and they were asked the sort of lie they tell the absolute most. The respondents were also asked to rank the lies they told to be able of severity and it had been discovered that sex lies ranked top.

Based on the ranking, the four hardest lies are discussed below.

“I’m on birth control”

This is the worst lie women believe they told to their partners. It’s usually told as a means of earning the man be as relaxed as possible during unexpected sexual activity.
This lie is mostly good for both parties but is adjudged to be a number of the worst lies simply because it could give rise to undesired pregnancies.

“I’m not just trying to find sex”

Men are keen on telling this lie as a sharp means of engaging in their partners pants. This lie leads the partner on to think that they can have a future which makes them give their all including sex.

“I’ve slept with X quantity of people”

Men and women are swept up in this lie. Men tell this lie showing women they have sufficient experience and expertise in the sack while women alternatively tell this lie as a way of showing their partners that they have little experience and they are fortunate to get access to their bodies.

“You’re the first person I’ve ever done this with”

That one is mostly told by the feminine folks plus they usually do this as a means of attesting for their purity and conservative nature in the hopes that it will stay the good man they have found to trust and give their all to them.

The truth is the first and second lie suck a lot however the third and fourth lie may be a bit permissible, especially given the type of clime we find ourselves in and may only be adjudged dangerous if the fourth lie involves unsafe sex.

Because, really-is it that important if you’ve had sex with an ex or with someone else you like before?

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